Aimbotting, also known as 'homing bullets' or 'picking Soldier 76', is a form of unacceptable player behavior in combat.


Defined as the magical power to hit targets accurately with weapons/attacks/powers far more often than could be considered reasonable/realistic, aimbotting in character actions is viewed very negatively across all roleplaying communities, seen as selfish, vain and also a sign of disrespect for the honour system used in combat.

By having a character able to hit targets they simply should not be able to far more often than should be allowed, the character in question becomes incredibly dull and uninteresting to other players. Their presence in the world is no longer believable and they become a walking immersion-breaker. This behavior is also considered largely obnoxious, with players engaging in it often mocked as thinking they are superior to other players and taking the roleplay far too seriously.

Examples of Aimbot Usage

  • Firing at an enemy within range who is in good, solid cover, where the chances to hit are low-medium, but somehow still hitting every single time without fail.
  • Hitting an absolutely impossible shot without consulting a Moderator first - for example, firing an M-3 Predator at a target over 500 meters away and hitting them squarely in the head, just so happening to bypass their kinetic barriers. Or, for that matter, hitting them at all considering the differences between the distance of the shot and the effective range of the weapon.


  • The term 'aimbotting' refers to a hack in multiplayer shooters that allows players to never miss a single shot, regardless of how poor their aim may be. This gives the hacking player a grossly unfair advantage over any non-cheating players.
  • The informal phrase 'going Soldier 76' is a reference to a Hero in Blizzard's multiplayer shooter Overwatch. The character in question's Ultimate Ability in-game is to activate his Tactical Visor, causing his weapon's shots to automatically home in on any enemies within view and hit them without fail.