Ausanan'Lynch vas Providence (formerly Ausanan'Lynch vas Nalotir and Ausanan'Lynch vas Muramasa) is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative onboard the GSV Providence .



Ausanan's environment suit is the only thing you can see when looking at him with the exception of his slightly luminescent eyes, as standard for Quarians. The suit is made of the same material that all Quarian suits are made of and is covered in straps and pockets. On his right arm just above the elbow, he has the Milky Way medical symbol applied to his suit.


Aus carries with him an M-8 Avenger assault rifle and an M-5 Phalanx heavy pistol.


The suit is also skin tight as it is designed to not interfere with mobility and is meant to be a 'second skin' in a way. The colour of the suit is black around the entire suit with the exception of green trims around the suit and the light on the suits chest strap and mask filter are green.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Unlike most other Quarians, Ausanan wasn't born aboard one of the Flotilla's ships. Because his parents were both travelling together on their pilgrimages and they had decided to visit the homeworld of the galaxies newest species the humans. As they thought there might be a chance of finding something there no other Quarian could find to bring back to the fleet.

But their ship was damaged upon landing in the Human country of Australia and had to work to earn enough credits to repair the ship. They couldn't call for help as they believed that if they did, it could be seen as them being incompetent by the Fleet because ships in the Fleet need repairing constantly. And since the Alliance was still in its infancy, they couldn't spare any ships for Ausanan's parents as they needed every one of their ships at their disposal. And because Humans were trying to get along with other species in the aftermath of the first contact war, they built Ausanan's parents a clean room they could stay in while they were on the planet.

Since the ship needed repairing and most humans were still wary of aliens, they were kept on an Alliance base. In return for credits for the repairing of their own ship, Ausanan' parents were contracted by the Alliance to help build more ships while their free time was spent repairing their own ship. But quarians can only eat dextro-based foods, so dextro food was brought into the base at the cost of a reduction in their pay, which is the reason it took so long to repair the ship as doing this wasn't cheap. And In that time Ausanan was born then placed into a bubble made by the Alliance, as a sign of cooperation and had to grow up for the first 9 years of his life on Earth. Because of this Ausanan had acquired an Australian accent and grew up with knowledge of both quarian and human culture.

Because of this Ausanan was taken back to the fleet by his parents as their gift to the Neema. Believing he would be a great asset to the fleet should the fleet come into contact with the Humans due to growing up with them and having first hand experience of the Human culture. After arriving on the migrant fleet, he was taught about mechanics like all quarians. But due to growing up for 9 years without being taught about mechanics, he is not as skilled in mechanics as most quarians. Due to his notably human accent as well as living on Earth for 9 years, he was bullied by some of the other quarians. Due to this he became known as a bit of a loner and became quite proficient at handling many tasks by himself. Ausanan looked up to the Admiral of the Heavy Fleet and spent the next 7 years training to become a soldier in the quarian military.

He was then sent on his pilgrimage at 16, a few years earlier than normal due to supplies getting low. 2 years later at the age of 18 Ausanan returned to the fleet and his new home ship of choice, the Nalotir. With the rights to produce an advanced armour piercing mod that is particularly deadly against synthetics that he had been awarded with by a Spectre for his assistance on Noveria. Ausanan assisted the Spectre by hacking into a corporations database to get information the spectre needed with an Omni-Tool the Spectre had lent him. Then once all of the information had been downloaded, Ausanan carried one of the spectres injured companions while the spectre cleared a path through the mercenary reinforcements. As a thank you for Ausanan's assistance the Spectre awarded him with the rights to the new armour piercing mod that could be taken back to the fleet.

This caught the eye of the Admiral of the Heavy Fleet who immediately recruited Ausanan for the Quarian marines, where he did well in group training exercises, but exceeded particularly in solo exercises. After the uprisings and riots due to the Turian councillors decision to cure the genophage a year after Ausanan's return, the Quarian admiralty feared for the safety of the Migrant Fleet and so they decided to send Ausanan to join the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N program. Due to his proficiency in both group and independent operations, as well as his extensive experience with other species compared to most other Quarians. However, the admiralty board had some reservations about sending Ausanan. As he had little combat experience as well as his age compared to many of the other Quarian marines. His only real combat experience being when he helped that Spectre back on Noveria.

After being sent to Asgard Station for training, Ausanan met his new commander and instructor. Major Cassius. He was a hard ass to be sure, but that's what both commanding officers and instructors are meant to be. So someone who was both, would have to be. But Major Cassius did what he had to do to weed out those who weren't up to the task of joining G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. And this turned out to be invaluable to Ausanan. So much so that he felt the need to thank Major Cassius for his work. Ausanan also met a wide variety of recruits during his time at Asgard, some of which he liked. And others he didn't. So once Ausanan had passed the first class of G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N recruitment. He knew that his life, had only just begun.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Aus was assigned to the CSV Muramasa. He was included on the team sent to escort Missandre L'Oren back to her home of Nevos and ensure that it was free of Taetran Insurrectionists. While it was, another foe had taken hold of the planet and forced the GUARDIAN operatives to retreat after killing Missandre. Ausanan was a part of the ground team sent to investigate the disappearance of a Jormangund Technologies team on the planet Eingana. He escaped with his team after being separated from them early in the mission.


After the curing of the Genophage, the fall of the Dominion and the fall of the Insurrection. Ausanan stayed with the CSV Muramasa as he awaited his next orders form the Admiralty Board. To his surprise, the Migrant Fleet and the quarian people had sided with the newly founded Terminus Confederacy which had openly declared war on the Citadel. The Admiralty Board then ordered Ausanan to return and re-join the Migrant Fleet Marines in preparation for the war against the Citadel. However, he refused. believing that the Terminus Confederacy were nothing more than a terrorist group. No better than the Insurrection or Dominion. Hoping that the fleet will eventually realise their mistake and join the Citadel. But in the meantime, because he chose to side with the Citadel, Ausanan has been exiled from the fleet. Which has legally changed his name from Ausanan'Lynch vas Nalotir, to Ausanan'Lynch vas Muramasa.


Ausanan is a loyal soldier with an aptitude for basic computer slicing and hacking in the field, who listens to his superiors and always carries out his orders. But he is smart and is not a mindless drone and will question his orders should they go against his morals or put innocents in danger. Ausanan is also more accepting of other races and cultures than most Quarians due to his unusual place of birth for a Quarian.

Ausanan earned the nickname "Echo" due to his tendency to repeat orders to himself, usually without even noticing that he is doing it. Ausanan also has a burning hatred for the geth, more so than many other quarians, Because he was born and grew up on a real planet for many years and wishes for all other quarians to be able to do so on the homeworld. But Ausanan does also have a tendency to get annoyed at those who do not conduct themselves professionally when on duty and will defend the fact that he was not born on the fleet like other quarians. Ausanan will also put himself in harms way to help anyone in need, often without regard for his own safety.

Ausanan also tends to have a hard exterior, having a difficult time letting people in and becoming emotionally attached to others. This emotional "wall" that he has guarding his feelings, is something that has developed over time, since his arrival on the fleet. Where his parents effectively sold him. This coupled with the harassment he endured once on the fleet has made him vary wary of emotional attachment to anyone, regardless of context.

Even with this, he still takes the loss of others he serves with personally. Feeling that the wellbeing and lives of his brothers in arms are his responsibility. That being said, he fears any sort of leadership role. Knowing that any kind of official leadership role, would officially make it his responsibility. A burden, that he would much rather, not have to deal with.