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"Unite under blight!" - Dominion Motto
The Blight Dominion was a paramilitary force and a hostile faction in Mass Effect: G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N., founded in 2185 and led by Drogar Ratarok. It was a stable and somewhat influential group with decent military power. They, along with the Taetran Insurrection, were responsible for the Coffee Shop Massacre in 2185. During the ensuing conflict, they were absorbed by the growing Krogan Empire.



Drogar Ratarok has been alive for a long time. Over fifteen hundred years old. In that time, he’s seen a lot of things happen to his people and to the people of the Galaxy. He’s watched his people be used as tools in the Rachni Wars, forced to infiltrate deadly homeworlds and brave horrific conditions. He’s watched his people be given the tools to succeed, only to have them taken away by the Council. He’s watched his people be neutered and spayed like animals by the Genophage. And perhaps worst of all, he watched his people wallow in inevitable destruction for over a thousand years.

Now Councilor Caern wants to act like all of that history just up and disappeared? It hasn’t. Ratarok lives those memories every day, as do many of his brethren. And while he may have been willing to try and move on, but then Trajan Draculus had to open his mouth.

The Insurrection was an affront to everything Ratarok believed in. It was so regressive to krogan interests, it baffled him. For nights on end, he stewed in anger about Trajan’s ignorance, about Caern’s presumptuous self until he could take no longer. A thousand years of rage flooded through like a torrent of water. He began using every shred of leadership skills, charisma, and power he still had to amass a group of his own design.

The Blight Dominion, named as such after the blight known as the genophage, was born. Their goal was to gain apt repayment for the millennium of suffering his people had gone through. Not just a cure. Blood.

Their first notable act was possibly their most heinous. Still furious with Draculus, Ratarok sent a band of emissaries to the Citadel to interrupt one of their rallies and harass supporters. Little did he know the mess he would make.

Because of his group of emissaries, the Coffee Shop Massacre occurred. However, because the methods of the massacre were within his goals. Ratarok was pleased. They will unite. They will gain repayment. They will have their revenge.



As an independent paramilitary force, the Dominion is privately-funded and has its own leadership structure.

The ranks of the organisation are as follows;

  • High Chieftain/Chieftess
  • Battlemaster
  • Chieftain
  • Shaman
  • Warrior

Notable Members


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