"A good act doesn't wash out the bad, nor a bad act the good. But I can sure as hell try to blow those sins away."

Brathe Sap'Korah, affectionately known as 'Sap', is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. operative and former executive officer of the CSV Gandiva. He is currently in recovery from his kidnapping.



Brathe's body is older than his age would suggest. Years of running from place to place and wreaking havoc have taken their toll, though to many non-Batarians he doesn't look it. He has a pale complexion on his face and a darker grey to the rest of his head and body, and is covered in small scars from head to toe.


Brathe took the M-8 Avenger offered upon joining, though he supplements it with his own personal weapons. He carries a customized Executioner Pistol colored in burnt orange and stylized with the batarian script for "Redemption" along the barrel in green. In combat he prefers to use the pistol, however he has no problem with getting up close with omni-weaponry. His omni-tool is equipped with the abilities Submission Net, Blade Armor and Energy Drain, and he uses a Concussive Shot as well.


Brathe has worn the same set of black and silver armor for the past ten years. He keeps it in good condition, which doesn't say much as the husk is worn to pieces after years on various lines of combat.

G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Personnel File

  • Serial Rank Number: 002-414
  • Active Rank: Lieutenant
  • Most Recent Assignment: Executive Officer, GSV Gandiva
  • Previous Assignments:
    • None Applicable


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Brathe was born a bastard, the son of a wealthy and high-ranking aide within the Hegemony and her lover, a simple gardener from a lower caste. With the scandalous and career-ruining implications in tow, the woman gave birth in secret and banished the child, leaving him with an orphanage on the colony of Erszbat. From a young age he was fed with Hegemony propoganda, dreaming of the day that he could bring glory to his people and avenge the wrongs the galaxy had presumably done to them. At age 14, Brathe caught his opportunity and ran away with a slaver gang, running with them for the next several decades.

Raid on Mindoir

The year was 2170. Brathe's company had recently taken in a young batarian, no older than 16. Brathe saw himself in the young man, but would never let it show. He grew close to the boy, always hoping the boy saw him as a father figure. The company had orders to strike a human colony, Mindoir. At this point, Brathe can't even recall whether they were government orders or an attack of opportunity, but it no longer matters.

Brathe and the boy were dropped into a small farming village with a handful of other slavers. They split up and began to destroy. Several hours later Brathe received a call for backup from the young man. He arrived in a farmhouse to see hime holding his shotgun up to a human man, his wife, and two daughters behind them. "Brathe, I can't do it. I've been here for hours. I can't. Look at them! What have they done to us? Nothing Brathe! Nothing!" Those words impacted him more than any bullet or explosion ever had. "Run. Get in that groundcar and get out of here, don't turn back!" The family ran.  

Brathe and the young Batarian sat for a moment before the door flew in. "What the hell happened?! Those humans escaped from both of you?!" The young man looked to Brathe as he began to speak, "I-". He was cut off. "It was me! I let my guard down and they broke free, I'm sorry. Brathe was just reprimanding me." Brathe's eyes widened as he realized what was now coming. He hardly had time to turn before the young man's head dissolved in a flash of red. "Worthless pyjak." He grinned at Brathe, and that face was still on him as he hit the ground, dead. Brathe slaughtered the remaining slavers in that small town, all 5 that had survived the assault, before rejoining the main force. 

Brathe ran from the slavers as soon as he could after that, ending up being picked up by a drell vessel en route to Kahje. He lived with the monks of the drell religion there for a while, and having learned of their vision of the afterlife he believes he will be accepted if he can redeem himself. He took random mercenary work here and there, but nothing to fulfill his dream of redemption.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Brathe was assigned to the CSV Gandiva, very nearly being discharged from G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. in his first week due to an initial mistrust of his Commanding Officer. He was involved in the ship-wide event CSV Gandiva: Fortunate Sons, playing a key role in securing the TITAN mech from Blight Dominion forces. As a member of the assassination team attempting to kill councilor Leral Veran, Brathe was cut off by Varil Tyzuris and Genea Tasati. The batarian was locked in a fierce close-quarters battle with the large turian, only coming out on top with the help of his good friend and commanding officer Cassius Strada.


Recovering quickly from his beating at the hands of the late Varil Tyzuris, Brathe returned to his duties as Executive Officer of the CSV Gandiva. The batarian spent much of this time taking command with Cassius off on other business, not having seen his friend for much of the ensuing time period after the assassination. He has taken up martial arts training from a private instructor while he can, increasing the martial skill after the blunder-filled battle in the Citadel Tower. Needless to say, it was hard to teach an old batarian new tricks.

As the Terminus Confederacy rose to power, Brathe could sympathize with some of the plight. While he had no love lost to the Hegemony he could understand the views of many people. The Council was certainly a bag of elitist pricks that was out for power, but on most occasions they were out for the greater good, too. This divide caused a rift almost as large to be created in the batarian himself, with points being seen on both sides. He still wanted to be that shining example for batarians everywhere, but how could he do that by fighting against them? Regardless of his personal feelings, he carried out his duties in the absence of Strada, tensions building in his old bones with every passing day.

Civil War

Brathe oversaw a mission to his own homeworld, Erszbat, to attempt the kidnapping of Iratia Hat'tan, his own mother and overseer of the financial arm of the Hegemony. After she was recovered, he planned and oversaw her interrogation very briefly before being interrupted by orders from up above. After realizing a few inconsistencies in the story fabricated by Iratia's transferring operative, he pursued his mother onto the watcher's vessel only to be taken hostage.

When G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. vied for independence from the Citadel Council, Brathe was transferred from an interrogation facility on Khar'shan to the palladium mines of Logasiri. His caste, name, and right to batarian citizenship were stripped from him in an official decree from the Hegemony, and he was enslaved.


Brathe is much kinder than his racial stereotype would suggest. He has a deep conviction for redeeming both himself and his entire race, he wants to change the galaxy's perception of Batarians. The ghosts of his past haunt him, and he rarely speaks of them on his own if he has any say in the matter. Brathe cares for younger members of his team as if they were his family, and takes a grandfatherly approach to their wellbeing. He is very reluctant to trust calculating and ruthless leaders, but will work with them for the greater good.

Raised outside of civilized society, Brathe is as educated as you'd expect. This has caused some hardships when forming new friendships in the past as Brathe has many times forgotten or had to learn on the fly. Some examples include:


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