CSV Gandiva: Fortunate Sons is a currently-active Event for the CSV Gandiva. The assigned Game Master for this Event is Sam (CrownlessKombat, August/Strada/Griff).


When the Blight Dominion’s ships are spotted in the Gorgon System of Argos Rho, the CSV Gandiva are sent in to investigate and perform recon on the area. But when things don’t add up and the crew sees things they can’t explain, things get out of hand fast...




Meeting on the bridge, the team assembled to be given a mission briefing by their commanding officer, Major Cassius Strada. During the briefing, he handed out the shipwide roles of Executive Officer, Chief Engineer and Research Specialist to Operatives Millers, Leravan and nar Undani respectively. The navigator of the Gandiva, Juna Strados, was also introduced to the crew. Operatives Millers, Sap'Korah, Cooper and Major Strada were assigned to the ground team, Codename: Venom, with Leravan and nar Undani on the support team. As the ship entered the Gorgon System, things appeared where they shouldn't be. A Human Systems Alliance facility was present in the system, and docked to it was a Blight Dominion cruiser.

Venom Team

Cassius assembled his ground team in the shuttle bay, preparing the group for a space-jump onto the station. After succesfully making the jump, Venom made a quick scan of their surroundings. The station was littered with the bodies of turians, asari, humans and salarians. Two krogans were incapacitated by Major Strada as the team made a jump down an elevator shaft.

Entering the elevator, Venom team walked directly into a trap set by Garog Krann, a chieftan in the Blight Dominion. Floodlights rushed over the team, revealing a gigantic mech and an entourage of Krogan, all aimed at Venom. A krogan charged Operative Sap'Korah, knocking him into the elevator before being killed by the faster-reflexed batarian. Cassius took down several more krogan, slitting one's throat as he took cover near the staircase. Zihala used her impressive biotic and athletic skill to reach the top of the mech and take a superior position on the krogan forces.

Leta fought off several krogan before tossing an arc grenade, the blast frying the shields of both the nearby enemies and Brathe, who had joined her in her cover. As this ensued, the Support team from the Gandiva deployed into the fight, including Mah'Raan and Kenri. Leta's arm locked up in response to the sudden shock, but she was able to deploy a drone and send it in the direction of the support team as a distraction and call in the Gandiva to deny the Dominion access to the mech.

Two much more heavily armed and armored krogan known as Kiryan Mobile tank units were sent by Krann to take care of Leta and Brathe and the support team respectively. The Kiryan charged at Mah'Raan and Kenri, his accomplices killing the two-man marine detachment. Mah'Raan stood strong and went for an omni-blade slash to the beast's throat, however the blade was dissolved on contact with the armor as the krogan barreled into him.

The Kiryan then placed his foot on Mah'Raan's chest, pointing his shotgun at Kenri and firing. Kenri took some of the shot, the majority being eaten up by Leta's combat drone, saving the turian's life. The Kiryan was ordered by Krann down to the lower level to deal with Cassius and endure the mech's release.

Cassius had launched himself downwards to secure the mech, using his propulsion packs to slow his descent over the several hundered foot drop. Another krogan charged off of the balcony and onto the mech, headed directly for Zihala. Cassius roughly made his way to the lower level, being attacked every step of the way. After a very gruesome close quarters fight between the Major and his sword Zara versus six krogan, the major found his left arm pinned beneath fallen debris. With no other choice, Cassius sliced off his own arm.

Meanwhile on the main level, Brathe had provided a distraction on the first Kiryan to allow Leta to move onto the catwalk unflanked. Leta took this opportunity to shoot up a krogan with her cryo ammo, destroying his shields but drawing a charge from the man. Leta swapped weapons to her shotgun, causing the krogan's head to explode. His body carried on top of the woman, crushing her onto the ground and ripping out one of her cybernetic arms.

Brathe ran around, drawing the Kiryan's fire as the other lept off the balcony and downwards towards Cassius' location. Brathe ran, sliding and launching a concussive shot beneath the krogan's feet. It shattered the man's tech armor and caused both he and Brathe to roll across the floor, the batarian spraining his ankle in the process. Sap was quicker on the uptime, grabbing the krogan's shotgun and emptying it into the back of his head, killing him.

Zihala was grabbed off of the mech and tossed harshly to the ground below, slamming her head into the ground. The krogan jumped behind her, landing in front of Brathe.

Krann grabbed Mah'Raan from the ground, holding the quarian high in the air while his henchman aimed at Kenri. The krogan posed the woman a question: Her life, or the life of Mah'Raan?

Elsewhere, Cassius had been taking a constant beating from the Kiryan as had reached the lowest floor. As the kiryan began the process of opening the airlock and docking the mech to the Dominion's warship, several events happened simultaneously. Leta shot at Krann, wounding his shields but not doing much else. Mah'Raan fired a neural shock into the chieftan, which would have paralyzed the man had he not been hit by a shot from Zihala. The shot destroyed his shields but roused him from the neural shock. Krann's remaining krogan shot Kenri in the chest, causing her to crumple to the ground like a lazy-tied trash bag. This krogan then charged Zihala, beating the Asari half to death. Brathe, not being able to move quickly after spraining his ankle, took a charge from a different krogan. The batarian dove laterally, tripping up the krogan and causing him to fall down the chasm while the momentum carried Brathe himself off as well. Krann, angered by the violence shown after he had placed his decision on Kenri slammed Mah'Raan into his leg, snapping the quarian's spine.

As the situation became very dire for most of the teams, the Gandiva itself swept in to save the day. It tore through the Dominion's cruiser like a warm knife through butter, destroying the vessel. Krann and his surviving krogan escaped to live another day, but the mech had been seized by GUARDIAN. A shuttle from the Gandiva recovered the operatives, including both Cassius and Sap who had fallen out of the station and into space, with Brathe sealing the Major's open suit with a modified submission net.

Mission Debrief

Operatives Injured

Operatives Killed

  • Two GUARDIAN Marines

Venom Team Objectives

  • -Investigate Dominion activity in the Argus Rho System.
  • -Investigate the Unidentified Space Station.
  • -Deny the Dominion the TITAN weapon.
  • -Retrieve TITAN weapon for G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Support Team Objectives

  • -Investigate Dominion activity in the Argus Rho System.
  • -Investigate the Unidentified Space Station.
  • -Translate the encrypted Dominion message.
  • -Provide from-ship combat support to the ground team.
  • -(OPTIONAL) Act as reinforcements for Venom Team.


  • Combat Asset: TITAN - The mysterious TITAN mecha weapon recovered from a mining site on Eden Prime is now available on the Aegis for research and upgrades with the assistance of the Avalon.
  • Information Asset: Dominion Encryption Algorithm - The CSV Gandiva has figured out an encryption algorithm to use for Dominion messages in the future. This’ll prove invaluable in the fights ahead.
  • Operations Bonus: 5000 cR - Each operative on the mission receives an additional five thousand credits to do with as they please for the work they did on the mission.


  • Originally, this Event featured a seventh operative, Jahn de Vers. Unfortunately, Jahn's player withdrew himself from the server before advancing far into the story.