CSV Muramasa: Every Breath You Take was the first ever Event for the CSV Muramasa. The writer for this Event's pitch was Jam (Nero). The assigned Game Master for this Event was Adameme (Kenri Leravan).


The Insurrection takes to Palaven, inciting mass chaos and riots in the streets. Simultaneously, they've taken numerous V.I.P.s hostage behind the scenes. It's up to the Muramasa to split into two teams, contain the rioting and save the hostages.


Fireteam One: Riots

Fireteam Two: Hostages



The story of this Event began when a riot was incited in the city of Cipritine, Palaven, by a powerful public speech from Trajan Draculus. Small protests had quickly developed into full-blown anarchy, destruction flooding the streets. Things were made more complicated by the emergence of a hostage situation - the Primarch of Palaven, Aurelion Grasca, and his cabinet were captured by Insurrectionist forces. From this position, they demanded that Councilor Caern step down from his position effective immediately in exchange for the safety of their VIPs.

In response to this, two combat units from the CSV Muramasa were deployed planetside to accomplish a series of objectives.

Team One (Riot Unit)

The Riot Unit was led by then-Commanding Officer of the Muramasa, Mirak. Accompanying her were operatives Cirn, Riot, Jax and the shuttle pilot, Merlin. Once groundside, their shuttle was immediately set upon by a large group of rioters.

Moments after leaving the safety of the UT-47 Kodiak, the unit attempted to verbally quell the rioters with intimidation tactics. Mirak, having laughably forgotten to engage her kinetic barriers, was shot and injured by a young boy with an M-8 Avenger rifle hidden in the crowd, sustaining a shoulder injury.

Mirak and Cirn were able to talk down the crowd after a few heated, tense bouts of yelling, discovering that they had been on the run from Palaven Law Enforcement. Their claims suggested that the officers had been firing lethal rounds into innocent, unarmed crowds of peaceful protesters, hence their jumpy and aggressive behavior and armed squad landed right by them.

Mirak and Riot headed off and met Superintendant Loghis, a PLE officer, and his unit. They accompanied them to the Cipritine Central PLE station where their Commissioner was supposedly stationed, who had earlier issued the order to open fire on civilians. However, upon arrival, they discovered that the entire building was abandoned and the Commissioner's office had been host to some form of firefight. Mirak discovered the unconscious bodies of three officers in a large closet before being called back to the landing zone for extraction, at which point Loghis promised to conduct a full investigation of the situation and contact the CSV Muramasa when he and his men knew more.

Meanwhile, Cirn, Jax and Merlin herded the rioting civilians into a building. They planned to extract them to the Muramasa to keep them safe from the violent PLE, having to wait on additional shuttles to carry all twenty five of the civilians plus themselves. However, they were engaged and caught off-guard by an Insurrrectionist force with high ground. One source of enemy fire was from a department store rooftop 1km away, whilst the other was from a sniper in a tower 3km away.

Taking heavy fire and unable to effectively hit the targets from their position, Gabriel dashed to the shuttle and picked up Cirn and Jax, flying up to the department store roof to take the fight directly to their foes. Once there, Cirn airdropped onto the roof and threw a grenade, prompting the soldiers to dart out of cover. Jax then shot one of them who had been carrying an anti-air launcher with his N7 Valiant, critically wounding her.

The enemy unit surrendered, their leader calling off the sniper's attack and giving up the fight. He ordered his unit to lay down their arms, but was quickly second-guessed by his unit's biotic specialist, who argued that they should not be giving in to their foe so easily. This difficult soldier threw a biotic shockwave in a fit of anger at Cirn, ordering the sniper to open fire on a gas tank near the civilian's hiding spot. Jax quickly ended Ghornis' life with a bullet in the brain as Cirn recovered from the blast. Kysaal and his remaining soldiers, Notus and the injured Zyla, supported Cirn in attempting to prevent the sniper from harming any civilians.

Cirn used the AA launcher Zyla had been carrying, a TN-889 Tyroket, to blast the sniper's position in the tower. Her resulting status was unknown, but before the shot had hit her, she had been able to fire upon and detonate the gas tank, killing nine civilians and injuring seven others. An additional seven were unharmed, having escaped the blast radius in time thanks to Merlin and Jax, who flew back down to the building to warn them of the impending danger.

Enraged by Ghornis and the sniper's actions and horrified that civilian blood was on the Insurrection's hands, Kysaal willingly gave himself and his unit to Cirn as prisoners under the condition that Zyla's wounds would be properly treated once they were aboard the Muramasa.

Following this, the entire Riot Unit regrouped at the landing zone, where one G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. UT-47 shuttle and two Hierarchy Naval shuttles, brought in as extra help from a local firebase by the Muramasa's support unit, were waiting.

Team Two (Hostage Unit)

The Hostage Unit was led by then-Executive Officer of the Muramasa, Nero. Accompanying him were operatives Roget, Grifter and Talon.

After travelling to the building where intel suggested hostages were being kept, Nero had Roget and Talon cloak their way across an exposed bridge and around the eastern side of the building, where they encountered an unsuspecting enemy squad. Roget quickly neutralized them whilst Talon dealt with a fleeing asari, K'Sola, pinned her to the ground before she could alert any other hostile forces. Roget interrogated the three turians, getting an answer from a young man named Tyrrial, and learned that they were actually just civilians who had been externally contracted by the Insurrection. They were convinced that they were protecting other civilians and refugees who had been fleeing from the rogue PLE officers. As far as they were concerned, they were protecting a 'safehouse' and just doing their part for the good people of Cipritine, rather than consciously serving a questionable cause.

Roget left them bound and defenseless as he went to check the front of the building, where two heavily-armored turians brought the Commissioner of the PLE's Cipritine department out front and violently interrogated him. At this time, Talon violently executed K'Sola and proceeded to murder the three horrified turians with K'Sola's Eakaris submachine gun. Being an non-suppressed weapon, the noise alerted the two turians out front and entire inner building, causing a firefight to ensue.

During this time, Nero froze up and laid against a wall, unable to move himself. Grifter rushed in from the bridge, using his grenade launcher to blow up a sniper with an anti-material rifle who was visible through a seventh-floor window. The soldiers inside the building filled the lobby with smoke, which he recklessly charged through. At the top of the staircase, six turians mowed him down, destroying his barriers and hitting him in the side, causing him to fall over the edge and to the ground below.

Roget swept into the building quickly and was almost decimated by a shotgun blast, causing him to fall back to safety. A turian hastily pursued him around the corner and fired directly into him, to which Roget detonated his tech armor and rolled out the front door, then re-evaluating his strategy.

Talon, hidden by the smoke, disabled many of the staircase guards with biotic attacks whilst the unharmed two retreated to an upstairs office. He then helped Grifter with a pack of medi-gel, much to the young turian's surprise. He took advantage of the situation, detonating pre-laid explosive charges to prevent reinforcements from arriving and killing several guards, including the two upstairs, the ones firing on Roget in the main lobby and liquefying a quarian in a side office with a trip mine.

Realising that he would likely be court-martialled for killing innocent, unarmed civilians, Talon lied to Grifter, telling him that Roget was actually an Insurrrection agent who had killed the group outside before they had a chance to spill out any valuable intel. Grifter considered his options carefully, eventually deciding to believe his story. He turned on Roget, who was attempting to reason with the last remaining enemy in the side office who was panicking about his potential impending death, and fired two trip mines either side of him.

Talon did not wait for Roget to respond to his betrayal, seizing him with a biotic throw and slamming him face-first down onto one of the mines, liquefying him instantly. The remaining Insurrectionist was allowed to go free, running off to safety, never to be seen by G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. again.

The two surviving operatives searched the building and located the Primarch Aurelion Grasca and his cabinet in Room 412 on the fourth floor. Twelve of the cabinet had been executed by Commandant Talin Ashera before his escape, but sixteen were still alive, albeit bound, blindfolded and gagged.

After untying them and receiving their deepest gratitude, Grifter broke down, accepting a reassuring hug from Aurelion, after which they all left the building together to head to the evac LZ.

Along the way, Talon pulled Grifter aside as he located Nero, who was shivering and staring vacantly into space from the trauma of what he had just witnessed. Talon cruelly ended his life with one of Grifter's trip mines in order to prevent any loose ends that may have exposed the truth about his actions, with Grifter himself accepting Talon's reasoning and allowing it to happen.

Following this, the remainder of the Hostage Unit - now just Talon and Grifter - reached the LZ with the remaining cabinet and the Primarch for extraction.

Mission Debrief

Operatives Injured

Operatives Killed

Team One (Riot Unit) Objectives

  • Dispel the rioters.
  • Neutralise the rooftop attackers.
  • Neutralise the enemy sniper threat.
  • Save every civilian from the enemy sniper.

Team Two (Hostage Unit) Objectives

  • Save Primarch Aurelion Grasca.
  • Rescue the entire diplomat cabinet.
  • Save the insurance hostage on the ground floor.
  • Neutralise, capture or kill Commandant Talin Ashera.


  • Weapon Schematics: Eakaris SMG. The CSV Avalon can now freely manufacture and develop Eakaris submachine guns for G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. operative requisition.
  • Research: Insurrection AMR. The CSV Avalon can now research this weapon, potentially reverse-engineering it to design new gear.
  • Operations Bonus: 3,000 cR. Each participating character will be rewarded with a mission deployment bonus for their service.


  • This Event was originally GM'd by Jam, the writer of its pitch, but his departure from the server allowed for Adameme to take over. As such, almost all of this Event was entirely improvised.