“The universe doesn’t owe you anything. The sooner you understand that, the happier you’ll be.”

Casey Cross is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N Lieutenant-Commander of the GSV Osiris and formerly the CSV Aegis's Executive Officer.



Tall, blonde and clean shaven. He is not at peak physical fitness, but he often plays pickup games to pass the time. His clothes are nothing short of casual since all he does is tinker with weapons. His basic attire is jeans/chinos and a t-shirt, but will wear armor when danger arises. He has a kind face that says “I just want to help.” He is most comfortable with a sniper rifle and will usually have one near at all times. He is very observant when not engrossed in his work and can seem twitchy if uncomfortable.

He has long since outgrew his accent but when he is stressed or tired, his southern accent may come out due to him growing up in the southern United States. He can be a demanding looking human due to his height and size, but he is dwarfed by Turians and Krogan. He looks young, but due to him traveling to many different colonies and making deadlines for defenses, he has a type of wisdom that many humans his age don’t have.


Casey carries with him two weapons, both manufactured by Kassa Fabrications. A Razer pistol and Harpoon sniper rifle make up his armament.



Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Born and educated on earth, Casey started his career at Kassa Fabrication, building some of the best weapons Earth could come up with. Within two years he became restless and figured he could do something bigger and better. Kassa Fabrication had an expansion plan for human colonies and Casey jumped at the opportunity. They had little to do with any colonial expansion, but offered to help build minor defenses on new colonies.

Casey left for something greater. He worked as a defense engineer, building defenses on fringe colonies that didn’t have any Alliance support or not enough. Always playing a part in setting up their government whether it worked or not. He always loved his work on the human colonies as he thought they meant he was doing something great. Being flown to many different human colonies, he had brushes with Cerberus. Nothing ever seemed out of place for him and if it wasn’t for GUARDIAN, he might’ve joined Cerberus due to their human advancement. Cerberus was always a distant dream for Casey, but he probably wouldn’t see the day when he would join.

He was never usually in direct danger. Often, he may have had to snipe off a few alien bandits while constructing defenses, but he never really thought ill of another species until he noticed a pattern of Batarians. Batarians always seemed to come down while they were beginning colonization. Due to a mix of preparation and sheer luck, Casey managed to miss capture each time, but he sure started to hate Batarians. Batarians being ungoverned and pirates annoyed Casey to the point of hate. He is a kind an open thinker, so this hate might be changed while working with them.

From his work on the colonies, Casey started to move on to government activism on his wish of a strong government. He used his calm demeanor and friendly attitude to shape governments on human colonies. He never took office himself since he never settled down permanently and his fear of confrontation pushed him away from political debates. He was just the person that saw talent in others and brought them confidence to do the right thing while in office.

When Casey turned 30, he decided to stay on Horizon where he found that he was getting too old for constant movement. He helped develop and maintain the coincidentally named GUARDIAN towers that defend the colony. After a couple years there, he began getting restless despite the fact he was getting older. This is when he heard of the Genophage conflict on the Citadel. He didn’t know much about the Genophage, but he knew that the Salarians protected it like it was gold, so he just assumed it was right. Knowing his expertise might help the defense, he shipped out.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Casey was assigned to the CSV Aegis. Casey was involved in the Summit of the Dampened Spirit (CSV Aegis: All the Things She Said). As such, he was instrumental in talking councilor Leral Veran down from rescinding his full support for the GUARDIAN program. During Ralek and Genea Tasati's failed assassination attempt, Casey suffered a broken shoulder.

Casey was also part of the TITAN team who was instrumental in taking out the Insurrection, allowing the krogan genophage to be cured.

Pre-Terminus War Interim Period

Casey went back to Horizon where he was deemed a hero. In his newfound fame, he met a Cerberus recruiter. He was recruited into Cerberus as an operative to map G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. plans and interactions.


Casey is an educated and good-willed colonizer that believes that every colony should have a good government in place. He always tries to take a part in politics in effort to construct a strong political base for colonies, but his skills lie in weapons. Casey always has a keen eye for danger and has no trouble taking it out if necessary, but tends to stay away from close confrontation as it makes him uneasy. He will always be behind the pack when it comes to combat.

You will always see him tinkering with something and when approached, he may ignore whoever has walked up to him. This is not because he wished to ignore this person, he is just too engrossed into his work. Casey has an eye for talent and will always bring it out if possible. He is most comfortable with humans since he always worked on human colonies and often has trouble understanding the wants and needs of aliens. He will always look out for the needs of humans before any other race and may seem racist because of it.