Claire Astrin is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative onboard the GSV Urania within G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Third Fleet.



Pixel is a short scrawny freckled young lady, often appearing younger than she is. Standing at a measly 4 ft and 11 inches, Pixel is used to being the shortest human in the room. Even sometimes, to her annoyance, being mistaken for a young teenager. She tends to come off as plain with her brown hair and eyes. She’s never been a girl to care about her looks, so most of the time she’ll just pull her thick wavy hair back off her face, most commonly into her favorite low pigtail style, with goggles usually keeping any stray hairs out of her face on top of her head and smudges of dirt, grease or of whatever she is tinkering with on her face.


Claire carries with her an M-8 Avenger assault rifle and an M-3 Predator pistol.


For clothes Pixel doesn’t do fancy, since she is most likely to ruin them with her tinkering. Most days she just has on a plain light grey wide collared elbow length t-shirt and some black shorts underneath her khaki colored work overalls that are riddled with grease stains. To complete her everyday look, Pixel has her what she likes to call her utility belt that carries a variety of tools she can use for repairing and tinkering, a pair of black finger less gloves, and some black brown mid-calf boots she tucks the end of her overalls into.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Born and raised by a couple that had a child late in life due to medical complications, they were very protective of their daughter, Claire Astrin. Overly aware of the dangers on Omega and the bad influences that could corrupt their child, they hardly ever let Claire outside of their home, only letting her interact with people they trusted. With the only children she had interactions with were all older children of family friends, Claire spent much of her time by herself. She didn’t even go to a local school, her parents preferring to homeschool her.

Though they quickly realized that their daughter was much smarter than they would ever be. Claire showed to be an inquisitive smart girl from a young age. They would leave her alone for 5 minutes in the kitchen and come back to her trying to take the toaster apart and figure out how it worked. She was flying through standard school material, getting a high school degree at the age of 13 and starting to take college classes through the extranet. She would spend the next 9 years lazily working her way to a master’s degree in Mechanical and Computer Engineering and the only reason she didn’t get it sooner is because Claire had no love for writing papers, preferring to get her hands dirty.

It was also around the age of 13 that her parents decided that Claire couldn’t be just live her entire life inside their home. It wasn’t torture for Claire, her parents spoiling her by getting her any tech and comics that they could afford, but it was lonely and she needed to start experiencing more of the world. So they started allowing Claire to explore their residential ward they lived in. Forcing herself out of her home to try and interact with people, she couldn’t really make friends, her awkwardness not endearing herself to anyone, she tried doing the only thing she was good at to get people to like her, fix things. Doing this she gained a small reputation in her ward for her skills and nickname that everyone besides her parents would call her, Pixel.

Over the years as she worked through her college degrees, Pixel would do freelance repair work for the locals, and some gang members that would hear of her through word of mouth. She’d gain a good clientele enough to help out her parents and save a little on the side. But her parents started to worry as the Blue Suns started becoming more interested in Pixel and her skills than they were comfortable with. Worried that their daughter might be threatened, or worse willingly join the Blue Suns, they decided that Pixel needed to leave Omega, to leave them, so she could no longer be in any gang’s radar.

With the completion of her Master Degree came an internship offer for Pixel on Noveria for Serrice Technology. She thought she would have to do a lot of convincing to get her parents to let her leave them. It was a pleasant surprise when her parents were ecstatic for her to leave. They were so happy about it that they offered to pay for the ticket for the cruise there. So she packed up everything she could carry and left Omega, excited for her new internship. The excitement quickly died after a couple months. She was bored at this new place, no longer having the freedom to tinker and create what she wanted, no satisfaction from the work she did help create, knowing that it was all going toward greedy people trying to make more money. Along with all that, none of colleagues really respected her because of youth, where she was from and her non-professional personality. Pixel hated her job, but wasn’t sure what to do to get out of it. She refused to go back to Omega, and she barely had enough money to afford a ticket to somewhere else, but she would be immediately credit less after that.

So while trying to figure out how to escape her new job, Pixel heard about G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. She decided that’s where she would go. She would go out and help make a difference in the galaxy. And if she thought to herself, as she quit her internship and got on a one-way ship out, that the whole concept reminded her of the Justice League? Well no one had to know about that.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Claire was assigned to the CSV Avalon.


Pixel is a bright, hyper, and highly intelligent young woman obsessed with comics and tech. When she sees a new piece of tech she just wants to take it apart and figure out how it works. Then when she figures it out, Pixel then puts it back while trying to improve upon it. Being socially awkward, Pixel never found any real friends that didn’t try to use her. So she tends to isolate herself from people, liking to imagine that the rest of the galaxy is more like her comic books, often comparing things and people to superheroes. When forced to interact with the rest of society, the engineer tends to ramble and stutter through conversations.

Despite living on Omega for entire life, Pixel isn’t a violent person. She has a fascination for trying to figure out how they work and to make money it was easy to learn how to fix them. But ask her to shoot one and you’d be lucky if she was able to hit the target. Honestly anything that involves physical activity is just a sad and pathetic sight to watch Pixel attempt to do. She is the definition of all brain and no brawn. Though since her training at Asgard Station, it isn’t as cringe worthy watching Pixel to physical activity as before. Still pathetic, but not downright hopeless.