Events are special Scenarios that are run by Game Masters.

There are two types of events; those that are directly tied into the main story of G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N., called Main Scenario Events, and those that are much smaller in narrative scale and moreover concern the events on one specific ship alone, called Side Scenario Events.

Muramasa Main Story Event Riots

An example of an Event in action. (click to expand)

Descriptions of upcoming events can often be found in #looking-for-roleplay as pinned posts. Events almost always have a player cap to them to keep things from getting hectic or unmanageable, so if a player wishes to take part in one, they must alert the pre-designated Game Master in charge beforehand to sign up.

During Events, a Game Master presents the Scenario to players. A posting order system is established early on, letting everyone know precisely when they can 'act'. If a player is inactive for over five 'primary' GM posts (once every 24 hours), the GM has the right to remove them from the Event for long-term inactivity.

A listing of all events currently run can be found here.


  • Events are notably dangerous for characters - there is no such thing as 'plot armor' in them. It is very much possible that characters can become injured, captured or killed. The actions of every player count and will have tangible consequences to the entire group's experience.
  • Characters who have good reasons for why they would not be able to be a part of the event cannot participate - for example, a batarian soldier who was heavily wounded recently and is still bed-bound in the Med Bay would not be capable of taking part in a ground operation.