Farron Cilan is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative onboard the GSV Providence .



Farron Cilan is a rather thin, petite Salarian weighing no more than one hundred and ten pounds, coming in at a height of four foot, ten inches. His body contrasts of brown-light brown skin with orange specks across his body.


  • M-3 Predator
  • M-4 Shuriken


  • Throw
  • Pull
  • Warp
  • Singularity


He is normally a stark, rustic dresser and is normally seen in robes for casual wear or, sometimes rarely, light armor when tasked with an intelligence or combat mission.


Mannovai Tokor Ilhänl Itarus Cilan Farron was brought into the universe only 13 years before the Citadel Council founded G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. In his life span, he had stayed in the middle of society with the Cilan clan, not reaching high nor falling into the scums of the planet, trying to find his own path in life. He never felt special and never truly seeked to stand out among his peers and would rather have fell into obscurity and stay within his own space. After his training and joining GUARDIAN, he seeks to try to keep all citizens safe and keep their lives in order.

When Farron and his collective brethren were laid and put into incubation, an element zero facility had overloaded near Tokor and Farron was exposed to the harmful element zero effects as he was the last to be put away in his incubation pod. After months of incubation Farron's brothers hatched and began roaming around, except Farron, he was still unable to arise from his egg, worrying his family enough to warrant a checkup after believing that something was wrong with Farron. Upon inspection, they saw that my egg was contaminated with with element zero from the Facility explosion, and it was a miracle that my brothers, had not perished in incubation with me, and that my egg had not withered away. Almost a year after being laid Farron had hatched malnourished and meek.

After 7 years on Mannovai being an average civilian among his society, on one run to the market to stock up on food for his clan as a request, he was confronted by a Salarian mugger, who was known locally as 'Karved Kello', looking for quick Credits. As Farron feared in the alley corner, eyes closed, as the mugger closed in whispering “Cmon, I just need some for a drink, I won't hurt ya.” Farron held out his hands as he simply wished for him to go away. Suddenly, A loud crash echoed through the alleyway, and all went silent. After a moment of respite, Farron opened one of his eyes to witness that his hand was glowing with a blue aura and Kello was flung to the end of the street, knocked unconcious. Due to this anomaly, Farron has his family report to his clan that he had awakened to biotic abilities after his encounter with opposition due to the element zero facility overload.

He was then taken to be trained in his biotic abilities, ordered by the Dalatrass of his clan to hone his skills as an adept Biotic, and was sent to live with a lone Biotic Salarian on Citadel, named Lavin Koradon to train him as an Special Operative. The only thing that kept him calm from being pulled from his home and normal lifestyle, he would ponder in bed after training, and soon this pondering would transform into meditation and would be his main pastime after . Once his intense biotic training had completed after 6 long years, the council had announced that candidates were needed to enroll in a special op agency among the Citadel races, at which Lavin had been ordered by the Cilan Dalatrass to enroll Farron.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Farron was assigned to the CSV Aegis. He was involved in the ship-wide event CSV Aegis: Long Hard Road, assisting August Emerson in delivering orders to the crew of the CSV Muramasa. Farron was involved in the Summit of the Dampened Spirit, CSV Aegis: All the Things She Said. He was instrumental in talking Councilor Leral Veran down from fully revoking his support for the GUARDIAN Initiative. When Genea Tasati and Ralek's assassination attempt failed, Farron was injured slightly. CSV Aegis: Line in the Sand, Farron advocated strongly for the Terminus Confederacy as he had no faith for Council after the news of their farce of an organization under them, and had little belief on the independence of G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. The Illyria streets mission in which Farron's squad was tasked with rescuing what hostages were awaiting extraction. After suffering fatigue from overuse of his biotics and rescuing a dog soon named "Rusty" they were able to safely hold off rubble and explosives with his plan of using the civilian's structure as shields for protection.The Pinnacle Squad Mission in had Farron join Cassius, Cato, Elinor and the like in a siege onto the MSV Valkyrie vessel where they confronted Jake McEwen and his forces. By the end of the long battle and Rask coming to finish off McEwen. After the Second Skyllian Blitz, Farron was admitted for his injuries for a time receiving gifts. After Haven's destruction, he was picked up in his escape pod by the Rakgazi alongside his friend Tensin Bex . This was the catalyst which led to the event GSV Arcadia: Reverb Voice.


Farron Cilan is a compliant man who wishes to end violence before it can occur. He is known to be a passive, organized, tranquil Salarian who seeks not to kill those at the bottom, but to attempt to cut off the head of any violent beasts. Farron has no qualms of other people's path to acquiring their goals, but sees that as long the head of evil can be taken care of, the rest will form back to normal society or follow suit to their lowly predecessor.