CSV Aegis

The GSV Aegis (GUARDIAN Space Vessel Aegis) is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Shield-class starship. A goliath dreadnought, her length stretches past an entire kilometre, hosting an impressive array of defenses and an armament that could rustle the feathers of almost any opposing tactician. However, it is not intended to function as a combat vessel.

Housing G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Commander-in-Chief and Commanding Officer August Emerson, the Aegis' role is to provide support to the CSV Gandiva, CSV Muramasa, CSV Libra and CSV Avalon. It functioned as the primary base of operations for all Union diplomatic affairs until the colony of Haven was set up in mid-2186. It now serves as the flagship of G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.'s First Fleet.

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Equipped with powerful multicore shielding and heavy Silaris hull plating, the Aegis is a hulking monster of a ship that is well-equipped to fend off incoming hostile forces in an emergency. She features a primary spinal gun almost a kilometre long, in addition to three 369m support guns. For point defense, the Aegis boasts over one hundred Guardian lasers and an additional one hundred mass accelerator cannons.

The CSV Aegis also comes equipped with forty-five Mark XI torpedo launchers, thirty TMB-889 missile launchers and space to house a squadron of ten fighter craft and ten interceptor craft. Lastly, she also carries twenty UT-47 Kodiak drop shuttles, fifteen DC-9 Deployment Pods and one Mark 7 Stealth Recon Drone.


Being the largest ship in the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. fleet, the Aegis has a crew compliment of 3,800 personnel. This number includes 425 Security Force marines, five pilots, sixty passengers and space for plenty of other miscellaneous crew members.

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Former Crew


Arc One - Insurrection

October 16th, 2185

The Aegis featured the event CSV Aegis: Long Hard Road

November 1st, 2185

The Aegis featured the event CSV Aegis: All the Things She Said

November 21st, 2185

The Aegis played a support role in the event CSV Muramasa: The Battle for Wrill

December 31st, 2185

Rounding out Arc One for the vessel, the Aegis was involved in the event CSV Aegis: Clash of the Titans


August Emerson and the crew of the CSV Aegis have seen the rise of their own vessel into a cultural hub, almost doubling the vessel in size to a cross between colony ship and space station. A civilian marketplace, as well as the ‘Second Home’ of the Citadel Council is housed on the vessel, strengthening the bond between the organizations. Many politicians spend time aboard the Aegis as it is now perhaps the second-most important station in Council Space.

Arc Two - Civil War

May 1st, 2186

Opening the events of Arc 2, the Aegis played a support role in the event CSV Avalon: Tissue of Moonshine

May 30th, 2186

The Aegis featured in the event CSV Aegis: Moon Shaped Pool

August 1st, 2186

The Aegis featured the event CSV Aegis: Line in the Sand

August 14th, 2186

The Aegis featured the event GSV Aegis: Starshot


  • In Greek mythology, 'Aegis' is described as a piece of armor or a shield carried by Athena and Zeus.