CSV Avalon

The GSV Avalon (GUARDIAN Space Vessel Avalon) is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Erian-class starship. Built by the Asari Republics and Salarian Union, her primary function is that of a research and development vessel.

Internal Layout

Captain’s Cabin


Crew Quarters

Tech Lab

Bio Lab

Cargo Bay


Being a research vessel, the Avalon is poorly equipped for combat. Equipped with standard military-grade shields and armor, she features a primary armament of one Mk IV MAC gun and a secondary arsenal of two GARDIAN lasers and cluster 'jet swarm' missiles. The Avalon also carries scanning/mining drones, Tesla tracking mines, one UT-47 Kodiak drop shuttle and one M-44 Hammerhead.

However questionable her warfare capabilities, the Avalon carries top-of-the-line scientific facilities and resources. She is also decked out for expeditions and exploration in harsh, unforgiving environments, carrying Devlon Industries suits and tools.


The Avalon is capable of carrying up to 60 crew.

Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


Former Crew


Arc One - Insurrection

October 19th, 2185

The Avalon hosted the event CSV Avalon: Bad Medicine

October 27th, 2185

The Avalon took center stage in the event GUARDIAN: The Fear Out of Space, Part One

November 11th, 2185

The Avalon hosted the event CSV Avalon: In Too Deep

December 31st, 2185

Finalizing Arc One for the vessel, the Avalon was involved in the event CSV Avalon: Falling Stars


The CSV Avalon has been undertaking a wide variety of tasks, most importantly helping to design and construct the changes to the CSV Aegis. It has been a well-earned time of peace and quiet for the members of the Avalon crew.

Arc Two - Civil War

May 1st, 2186

The Avalon participated in the event CSV Avalon: Tissue of Moonshine


  • The CSV Avalon was added the the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N starship roster in response to an explosion of new players on December 12th 2016, shortly after Mass Effect Follower posted a video advertising Mass Effect: G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.