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The GSV Gandiva (GUARDIAN Space Vessel Gandiva) is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Cassus-class starship. A reliable and state-of-the-art frigate built by the Turian Hierarchy Navy in 2171, her primary role is stealth reconnaissance.

The ship's design saw great praise during her late construction, with particular attention being paid to the facilities, accommodation and technology, which are are leagues ahead of most peers.

Her Commanding Officer is Major Cassius Strada.

Internal Layout

Captain's Cabin

Command Deck (CIC)

Quarters (plus Mess, Gym)



Shuttle Bay


Featuring a next-generation Tantalus FTL Drive Core, the Gandiva's most impressive selling point is her unique ability to traverse space undetected by most scanners. This is accomplished by "storing" excess heat energy generated by routine shipboard operations inside lithium heat sinks in the hull. However, this system has a number of notable limitations, unable to "go silent" during FTL flight or for any longer than a few hours without venting the stored heat and giving away her position.

The Gandiva is also equipped with reactive multicore shielding, military-grade standard armor plating and a powerful He-3 fusion reactor, allowing her to function as a battle-ready starship when fleet detachments are not available. However, whilst the Gandiva is an expertly-crafted stealth reconnaissance ship, her combat faculties are less than stellar. Direct assault on other vessels using the Gandiva alone is always an ill-advised course of action.

Her primary spinal armament consists of one Mjolnir Magnetic-Hydrodynamic Cannon, with two 10m Light Mass Accelerator Cannons acting as secondary point-defense weapons. The Gandiva is also equipped with two Javelin Missile Torpedo Launchers.

For smaller-scale transporation purposes, the Gandiva's shuttle bay features two UT-47 Kodiak shuttles, one M-35 Mako and one M-44 Hammerhead.


Being the smallest ship in the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. fleet, the Gandiva has a modest crew compliment of fourty personnel; four pilots, six Security Force marines and thirty passengers.

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Former Crew


Arc One - Insurrection

During the launch of the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. initiative, a well-devised recruitment campaign made the existence and Union use of the CSV Muramasa and CSV Aegis public knowledge. The Gandiva, however, was not even given so much as a passing mention - after all, it was intended to function as a forward command post for unit black ops.

October 16th, 2185

The Gandiva featured in the ship-wide event CSV Gandiva: Fortunate Sons

November 2nd, 2185

The Gandiva featured in the event CSV Gandiva: When Doves Cry

November 5th, 2185

The Gandiva featured in the event CSV Gandiva: Ashes to Ashes

December 25th, 2185

Rounding out Arc One for the vessel, the Gandiva was involved in the event CSV Gandiva: Calling to the Night


The crew of the CSV Gandiva had been laying low for a while, attempting to gather intel on the Terminus Confederacy while avoiding major scrapes and information leaks of their own. Meanwhile, CO Cassius Strada was inducted into the elite ranks of the SPECTREs.

Arc Two - Civil War

May 3rd, 2186

The Gandiva featured in the event CSV Gandiva: Sympathy for the Devil, Part One.


  • The name 'Gandiva' is a reference to the bow of Arjuna, the hero of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. This represents the Gandiva's cloak-and-dagger role in G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. operatons.