Genea Tasati also known as "Gorgon", is an assassin involved in the Taetran Insurrection. She is currently imprisoned on Tartarus Station.


Genea Tasati is a tall, voluptuous Asari with red markings on her shoulders and head. She is often seen wearing a combination of casual gear and combat armor.


Before the Taetran Insurrection

Little is known of Genea's life before the Taetran Insurrection. She was involved in an Asari loyalist program and was responsible for recruiting operative Ralek into the Taetran Insurrection.

Taetran Insurrection

Nothing is known of just how Genea came to join the insurrection, however, she is one of their premier assassins. She disguised herself as Doctor Maeala Xikaris, Sirta Foundation researcher to dupe GUARDIAN into inadvertently destroying the Shroud facility on Tuchanka. She was also involved in the attempt on G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative's lives during the Summit of the Dampened Spirit.

She sent a short video to the CSV Aegis directed at August Emerson personally where she executed operative Alixandyr Glastone.

During the assassination of Leral Veran, Genea and Varil Tyzuris attempted to defend the salarian councilor from a strike team consisting of Cassius Strada, Zakhar Kosmas and Brathe Sap'Korah. Ultimately unsuccesful, she was captured and imprisoned on Tartarus Station as the evidence was pinned on her.


  • Depraved.
  • Sadistic.
  • Sultry.