“Don’t be afraid of the fires. You think they’ll hurt ya. You think they’ll char your skin and char your bones, but I promise it’ll make you clean in long run.”

Grifter Talus, also known as a Hero of Cipritine, is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Gunnery Sergeant and Explosives Specialist aboard the CSV Muramasa.



Grifter Talus is a Turian of a relatively short height, standing in at about 6’2, weighing around two hundred pounds. He has smooth, brown plates and long mandibles with a medium-length fringe. His skin is brown as well, but darker and more consistent in coloring. His eyes are glowing blue that scream of mischievousness. He has light red markings all around his face.

In terms of his sense of style, Grifter is first and foremost known for the crimson goggles that he wears over his eyes, warding off any smoke or sparks that may shoot up into his face.



His armor is half-heavy duty, military-issued armor,


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Grifter Talus was born to Banca Talus and Galtus Talus on July 1st, 2159 on the Tridan Station in the Acheron System. A natural birth with an uncertified medical professional present where he was not expected to live, he’s been an underdog in life from the very beginning. He was then watched over religiously by his older sister, Regara, and his parents while he drifted close to death several times during his infancy. Turian doctors, later in life, point to his problematic birth being the reason his growth was stunted.

When he was old enough to start walking around, he followed his sister everywhere she went, and she happened to follow their father everywhere he went, so he was always with family. And his family happened to be asteroid miners, looking for valuable materials to sell off.

From a young age, Grifter learned his ways around tools and rarely ever saw much light as he was usually in the tunnels of an asteroid. He became handy with everything he saw, but unfortunately, while some would say unnaturally good with his hands, he received very little official education while growing up and had to go out of his way to study.

But it was during this time he met his first love. Explosions. His father taught him that the best way to get through an asteroid mining job as quickly as possible is through the use of controlled explosions. While you would destroy some material, you would gain access to more than you lose. Quickly, Grifter became well-versed in explosions, how to use them, when to use them, and how big they should be.

Unfortunately, it was also an explosion that took everything away from him. On a day where he decided to stay home and study at the age of seven, his entire family perished in a mining accident. He received the news after staying locked inside, waiting for two days before someone found him, fed him, gave him the news, and left. Grifter’s family was extremely poor and left him no inheritance to speak of. With no assets in life at all, he did the only things he knew how to do. Blowing things up and mining.

Spending the next seven years mining asteroids by himself, he made barely enough money to scrape by and even then he had to skip a few meals here and there. This time was not spent in peace or in mourning either, he contended with other kids on the station who constantly picked on him because of his height and uncanny skinniness. He got into regular fights and was detained by the station’s security more than once. He became known as the Firecracker during this time for his anger issues and the physical ways he dealt with them. This never stopped even after he stopped mining.

When it came time to turn fifteen years old, Grifter had no interest in the Turian military and wanted nothing to do with it. Trying to dodge the draft, he hid out in an asteroid for a few weeks after his birthday, having pooled up enough food to sustain himself, but was eventually found, captured, and shipped off to basic training, albeit not without a struggle.

During his training, he was a nuisance to his instructors who dealt with angry outbursts, snappy comebacks, and utter arrogance from this child. However, he showed outstanding potential with all technology-related tasks and demolitions. So much so that even a few fights he had with other recruits may or may not have been overlooked due to his talent. However, with no formal education to speak of, it was hard to see any future for him. So he was ordered to attend classes where he slacked off and barely did any of the work, but still somehow managed to scrape by and pass.

When Grifter finished basic training, he opted in to go through advanced training to become a demolitions expert and combat engineer. Preferring training over actually being sent out into the field, it took him almost two years before he earned the qualifications in the field to be both. After that, he was sent off to the 43rd Marine Division.

A young operative in the field with much to prove, Grifter earned the codename Tripwire as his fellow soldiers and commanding officers found that there was always something you could trip up about and you could say to him to piss him off and due to his extensive knowledge of explosives. At this time, Grifter was dissatisfied with where he was in the world. He never wanted to be a soldier and was never deployed, spending years in bases around the Galaxy with his crewmen, either playing video games, watching movies, or just lazing about.

He wanted to work with his hands, feel like he had a purpose, and, frankly, blow things up. During this time he became well-versed in use of an Omni-Bow, where he developed various types of arrows within his base’s facilities. His opportunity came when a pirate ship known as The MSV Premium started attacking Turian military patrol units on the edge of Council space in the year 2184. The 43rd was deployed at the location and Grifter came with them. And boy was he in for a rude awakening.

The cruiser they rode in on went into battle with the MSV Premium and weakened it to the point where it was barely keeping itself together. The 43rd then jumped ship into the Premium and wreaked havoc on the pirates, taking out anyone in their path. Grifter, apart of this strike team, had his first few kills. While you’d think this would change him, frankly... it didn’t. No, it was what he saw next that changed him.

The pirates had taken human prisoners during its travels, likely to sell off in some sort of slave trade. The Turian Military encountered these prisoners and orders came in from command to leave them there. Disturbed by this, Grifter was forced to leave innocent lives in danger, even while one of them threw him her scarf. He doesn’t know to this day why that prisoner gave it to him, but he wears the scarf, known as a shemagh, every single day without fail.

When he returned to his cruiser and watched the innocent prisoners be left there to die, Grifter got into a heated argument with one of his superiors over the decision, not seeing the logic in it. He felt that it was an affront to everything that made him a soldier. His superior didn’t take kindly to those words and nearly had him discharged... if it wasn’t for Major Cassius Strada, a man apart of the agency known as G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N., who vouched for him.

As a compromise, Strada recruited Grifter into his agency as a way to get him out of the Hierarchy’s hair and keep the young talent employed with the Council. And now he resides within the agency, lost and wondering where his place in life really is.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Grifter was assigned to the CSV Muramasa. He is currently involved in the ship-wide event CSV Muramasa: Every Breath You Take.


If someone were to describe Grifter, they’d likely go into detail about their first impression of him. An extremely cheeky, arrogant young man who talks a lot and sometimes isn’t able to back it up. However, he is much more than just that. Underneath it all, there is the mind of a potential genius. He is an extremely intelligent, thoughtful person. People know him for being reckless, but often that risk is calculated and thought through.

A naturally kindhearted person, Grifter designs all of his technology and weaponry with the idea in mind of supporting his team and protecting them from harm while never letting them know he’s doing that. Good friends of him know he is a very generous person who gives a lot more than he takes, often to the detriment of himself.

There is a bad side to him though, as there is to everyone. Like the explosives he tampers with, he has a short fuse and can blow up at the slightest insult, getting him in hot water on numerous occasions. His reputation for being arrogant is frankly a deserved reputation as he thinks quite highly of himself. So highly that he has issues trusting other people in many cases and relies on himself so much he takes seemingly death-defying risks as a way to mitigate his team’s interference.