Heinrich Drechsler was a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative onboard the CSV Avalon.



Heinrich was a brawny man of massive build. Standing 7 feet tall with the shoulder-span of a bear. He Had always looked a bit brutish, but after years of campaigning and exercising in the outdoors, never hiding behind an office desk, his skin has been bronzed by the sun and his face weather-beaten.

In addition, Drechsler has received so many beatings over the time, that his face features the markings and deformations of a professional boxer and his legs have been scarred by fragmentation. Heinrich puts just as little effort in his hair as he puts in his wardrobe, shaving his short, black hair whenever he feels like it and keeping a rough 'three-day-beard'.


Heinrich carries with him an N-7 Typhoon assault rifle and an M-25 Hornet submachine gun.


When it comes to his wardrobe, he has about as little fashion sense as one would expect from his appearance, usually sticking to casual wear outside and his beloved Dreadnought heavy armor inside of combat.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Heinrich was raised by a proud family of soldiers and had his military career cut out for him the moment he was born. Both his father Andrew and his significantly older sister Lea fought in the first contact war. Yet only his father ever returned to the family.

This took a significant toll on Andrew and lead to him loose control of his drinking habits. The latent aggressive and violent tendencies of Drechsler senior did not go well with the alcohol abuse and Heinrich suffered a lot from it. So after finishing school, Heinrich left his family for the military and never looked back.

With nothing to distract him Drechsler invested all of his time and effort in the military, which became a sort of second family for him. With his devotion, strength and upbringing, no one was suprised when Heinrich was recommended for the ITC by one of his commanding officers

But even for him, the classes were excruciatingly difficult to master and he barely graduated the N6 Class. After his graduation came the time to prove himself on the battlefield, so Heinrich was sent off on a mission alongside a small squad, to deal with pirates on an outlying human colony. The mission was a relatively minor one, but due to incompetent decision making and poor execution, the operation turned into a desaster. The objective could not be completely achieved, half the squad died and their failure caused grievous civilian casualties.

Outraged over this disgraceful outcome, Heinrichs superiors deemed him unworthy of the ITC and abandoned him. Drechsler, having dedicated his life to the military, did not take this failure lightly and quickly turned to alcohol for comfort. He spent months trying to drown his disgrace and misery in booze. This would have ended badly for Heinrich, if it weren’t for an old friend, who recommended him to a minor special combat unit within the Alliance.

Despite his past failures, they were happy to take in an N6 graduate and took Heinrich into the ranks of their Stimtroopers. There he underwent the surgery and training necessary to wear the Dreadnought-Armor, utilized by the squad. Drechsler was a promising asset to the team. His strength allowed him to handle the heavy armor with ease and his expertise made him an impressive warrior indeed. The only thing that really upset him, were the weapons he had to put up with. So after he earned himself a little freedom from protocol within the team, he asked upon an old friend, who graduated the N-school with him

As a crafty N7 member, that friend was able to acquire an N7 Typhoon and sell it to Heinrich in ways, a very uptight person, might, audaciously consider illegal However, his irascible predisposition and the enhancing stims of the Dreadnought-Armor turned out to be a quite volatile mixture. After prolonged exposure to the stims, Heinrich starts acting increasingly violent and aggressive. While there has not been a single case of friendly fire or insubordination, he often shows a distinct lack of self-preservation and it takes all of his skill and brawn to compensate for that.

Despite this, Heinrich has served successfully for years across multiple battlefields, the most noteworthy being Elysium during the Skyllian Blitz. During this campaign, he met many impressive and admirable Soldiers, but no one impressed Heinrich more than August Emerson, the ‘Hero of the Blitz’ As such, it was no surprise that as soon as he heard of Emerson leading GUARDIAN against the Insurgents across the Galaxy, Heinrich traded in a favor the Units leader owed him, to have him transferred to GUARDIAN, alongside his trusty Dreadnought-Armor.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Heinrich was assigned to the CSV Avalon. There he was a part of the strike team sent to Triton in the Event CSV Avalon: In Too Deep. On the 18th of April 2186 Heinrich was murdered by the Watcher James Talon after refusing to join his Watch-Cadre.


Despite his weathered and intimidating looks, Heinrich is very sociable and extravert. He is loud and extroverted, which some may consider rude and though he is not "all muscles, no brain" (Heinrich has a rather good understanding of strategy and tactics) 'Brain' is definitively not his core strength. Drechsler has preserved a sense of humor and friendliness that many who share his profession have lost. His humor is unshakable, cracking jokes even in dire situations, often at other peoples expense and he has a humorous nickname for everyone.

This stands in sharp contrast to the irascible tendencies, which can cause occasional, sudden outbursts and are greatly magnified under prolonged exposure to the combat stims. Even when he seems calm and happy, a thoughtless comment or action that goes against his sense of justice or (god forbid) his mother can easily infuriate him, seemingly out of nowhere. In battle, this fury and rage take up more and more of his personality as the combat stims are pumped through his veins in increasingly high doses.