"Mandible Twitch"

Ilet Sardonit is a former G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative onboard the CSV Gandiva. As of mid-2186, she had left the organization, seemingly disappearing from the galaxy.



Ilet has a red and grey complexion. Like most female turians she physique is softer than her male counter parts. Her skin has been described bleeding mud, whereas her carapace, whilst bone metallic grey like most other turians, also has a slight reddish hue to it. She is of average height and build for someone in the navy, though with a little bit of extra here at there, the humans call that “chubby”, the turian Drill Sergeants call it fat. She would say her most striking feature, if you can look past the glowing facial markings, are her violent eyes. She’s secretly quite proud of them, as she inherited them from a father whom she respects greatly.

During her youth she thought it would be a brilliant idea to add a dark-light glow to her existing facial markings, clearly not thinking about future career prospects, or how much extra effort she now needs to go through to cover them for covert missions.


She carries with her

M-97 Viper sniper rifle, unmodified.

M-25 Hornet Sub-machine gun with High-Caliber Barrel modification.


• Ilet wears Armax Arsenal armor for missions.



• Tactical Cloak

• Sabotage

• Marksman

• Cyro-ammo

• Disrupter-ammo

• First aid / Medi-gel usage


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Born to Suratan and Khamalis Sardonit, Ilet had a very typical upbringing within the turian society. Whilst young, Ilet showed promise in the areas of decryption and marksmanship, though she never excelled at either. Not wanting to waste any potential talent, her parents acquired additional training in these areas. Their foresight paid off to a certain degree, whilst she became very adept at sabotaging computer systems she displayed no subtlety and relied on brute force to get the hack done. This trend of “being good but not quite there” continued into her military training, she developed a steady aim over long distances, but had none of the physical prowess a frontline soldier should have, the officers in charge of the training, went so far as to say she was fat.

This is where her mumbling began to manifest. She was close to her parents and were often subjected to her unfiltered temper. No one, including Ilet, knew where such a violent temper came from, as it wasn’t a trait of her parents. Acknowledging the problem she, with her parents attended anger management classes. In time the problem was brought under control, though her mumbling got worse. Ilet and her parents agreed this was an acceptable compromise.

Her military training continued through her teen and young adult life, she didn’t excel in any particular area, but due to her previous training in hacking and marksmanship, she was placed into the role of saboteur and support sniper. During this time she was given training in the use of tactical cloak, advanced marksmanship, brute force hacking.

This was also the time she began to express herself more individually, turians enjoy a lot of freedoms and Ilet decided to get “inked up” and proceeded to get glowing dark-light tattoos that mirrored her facial markings. It was at this point her superior quietly took her aside and told her she was assigning her to a completely different training program, the turian Hierarchy Naval Academy. Confused and outraged, Illet's mumblings grew loud enough to be heard by her superior, who sternly told her “having glowing tattoo’s is very counter-productive to stealth on operations”

She took her dismal as a personal failure and unfortunately, it caused a rift to open up between Ilet and her parents. For several years they only had brief moments of contacts. If asked to reflect upon that aspect of her life now, Ilet would tell you that she still feels ashamed of her actions and wished her had the maturity she posses now.

She did, however begin to finally excel at something within the turian military - piloting, specifically shuttle piloting. Her previous training gave her excellent knowledge of battlefield tactics and covert extraction, which Ilet applied efficiently to her knew career. This didn’t go unnoticed and she was penalised several times for performing extractions that went against regulations or that missions parameters. The only reason she wasn’t discharged from training was due to exemplary track record for successful extractions.

Ilet finished her training and began a career shuttling soldiers to hot-zones and covert extractions for infiltrating agents. The highlight and trainwreck of this particular career, happened during her 17th term as a shuttle pilot for the turian 4th Defence Fleet. The mission in questions had gone “tits up” to quote a human metaphor, the infiltration team had been compromised and were under fire from local militants. Instead of waiting at the designated exaction point for her team to arrive. She flew her shuttle into enemy airspace and created a new emergency extraction point on the 74th floor of the enemy held tower. Ilet and the majority of her team successful made the extraction, only leaving behind already 2 dead team members.

The fallout from that mission was severe. For her part there was a long and unpublicized hearing about her actions that day. During the hearing, there were a lot of vocal and passionate testimonies on her behalf, the majority of which came from the squad she had rescued. The case concluded with Ilet receiving an honourable discharge from the Hierarchy Navy. She believes what she did was honourable and right and accepts the outcome of the trail. Begrudgingly.

Careerless once again she returned to Cipritine, to where her parents live. Throughout the court case she had not contacted her parents, but when she arrived home on that Tuesday night. Her parents were there, waiting for her at dock 33, homemade “Welcome home Ilet” banner and all. Her parents never told her how they knew, chalking it up to “parental instinct”, but never the less proud of the choice she had made that day.

In recent years, political powers have shifted and the announcement of the council wanting to cure the Genophage has taken many of the core worlds by storm. Like all tempest, it has unearthed several large and influential factions, all of which have their own views and armed forces.

Now 39 Ilet has applied for training on the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N initiative. Eager to once again serve in something greater than she is.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Ilet was assigned to the CSV Gandiva, which was lucky as during the shuttle ride from the Asgard station to the Gandiva, she narrowly avoided shoot a Salarians hand off due to his overly forward nature. Barely a month into a service Ilet celebrated her 40th birthday, where she properly met Brathe Sap'Korah and Christina Adams for the first time.

She settled in as part of the Gandiva’s shuttle staff when she wasn’t on missions. The first major assignment Ilet took part in was the infiltration mission “When doves Cry” followed by “Ashes to Ashes” a few days later, being successful in both missions. During the several months afterward, her friendship with Christina Adams grew, much to her displease and surprise. This relationship centered around pranks (instigated by Chris) and friendly beatings (as punishment for the pranks by Ilet) Strangely this only strengthened their relationship. The other relationship that took Ilet by surprise one from Brathe Sap'Korah. Towards the end of the year, Brathe made advances towards Ilet who politely accepted them without any intention of reciprocating them. After the events of "Calling to the Night" however, her views changed and she began to consider Brathes intentions properly, the two of them are not in any formal relationship.

With hardly a word of warning, Ilet disappeared from the organization in mid-2186.


Ilet is very truthful, a lot of what she says is often misinterpreted. This has cultured one of two opinions about her, she either comes across as blunt, rude and arrogant, or bold, commanding and confident. There have been times when others have thought her xenophobic when remarking, for example, on a Salarian being too slender for extended combat. The opposite is true however, she enjoys socialising and speaking to the other races learning about their culture and oddities, as she felt her education was lacking in that area.

She learned from repeated experiences that she has a bit of a temper, those who call her friend, will tell you she has a very volcanic temper, which she does struggle to control at times.

Due to her military upbringing, she has learnt to hold her tongue and follow orders to the best of her abilities. She does play favourites towards the older generation, as she doesn’t have the tolerance to deal with the youth’s problems and emotions. In short, she’s, blunt, and confident and will always love her shuttle more than you. She might not like the orders given but Ilet will always follow them.

She mumbles, she considers it a compromise of sorts. She will occasionally mumble something she shouldn’t in return she’s able to keep better control on her temper. This is one of the reasons she’s not progressed up the hierarchy, she says things best left unsaid. Finally, Ilet is quite fond of these new dextro-sweets that humans make, aka cigars.


  • Ilet's artwork is a custom job done by artist Sayael Nu, who can be found here.
  • Ilet has coined the term "Mandible twitch" which is a prelude to something very violent about to happen.