"I don't serve you. I only serve myself. You just pay me because you want to make sure this self-service is in line with your own ends."

James Talon was the Butcher of Cipritine, a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative and former Captain of the CSV Muramasa. He was also one of the organization's few elite Watchers. He was considered the Hero of Cipritine, having framed Roget Martius for the murder of three prisoners of war when in reality he was the culprit.



James Talon was a tall, sleek man with an athletic physique. He had pale skin, dark brown eyes and brown short hair. His face was adorned with a rather fresh scar on his forehead, where Cirn battered his headplate against his forehead. Additionally, his right earlobe and the skin around it is scarred and burned.


In combat, James fought with a suppressed Karpov IX heavy pistol for close quarters and utilized a Gaussgewehr and M-92 Mantis for long range combat.

Im melee he fought with a thin omniblade or a serrated blade


Most of the time, James preferred to wear old fashioned, two piece suits and a light recon vest. He had an impeccable fashion sense and was not willing to compromise it in combat. Instead he relied on biotics to make up for the resulting lack of protection.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

As a high ranking member of Apex omnitools, Ezekiel Talon had strict plans for his children. He wanted his family to join him in the service for the company that he dedicated his life to. As such he chose his sons to become warriors, loyal lictors to carry out the bloody work of the company, he was so devoted to.

Hellbent on creating extraordinary soldiers, he had all three of his sons be exposed to eezo in the womb, to grant him the biotic powers he considered vital for the success of his plans.

His first two sons however had to pay the price for Ezekiel's ambitious project as the eezo twisted their bodies and crippled them for the rest of their lives. His youngest sons, James, however did not only survive the exposure unscathed, but he seemed to be all his father had hoped for: A healthy, strong boy and a capable biotic.

From a young age on, James was trained.

His training included weapon proficiency, stealth and the use of his biotic powers. His lessons were rigorous but at the same time he had a rather sheltered and spoiled childhood. Due to his home-schooling, Talon rarely had social contact with children of the same age. The fact that he was arrogant and selfish even as a child didn't help either. The few friends he actually had when he lived in Wales gave him the nickname “The Duke” to mock his arrogance and sense of superiority, a nickname he just stuck with after a while.

Early on, James seemed to have an affinity for combat and mastered the lessons with ease. The competitive nature of fighting and duelling became a way of expressing himself and furthermore, a way of expressing his feeling of superiority over others. One lesson however that he could never quite master was loyalty. His father's endless effort to instill the same sense of loyalty and devotion in him, that he himself had never came to fruition. The thought of being a tool, a lackey for a company and to dutifully serve anyone but himself was revolting to him.

So, on his twenty-first birthday, when his father assigned him to his first real mission, James fled his home in Caernarfon and sought refuge in nearby Holyhead. He was acutely aware that he couldn't stay so close to his father and his home and so he contacted an old friend in cologne, who indirectly offered him shelter and a living. Instead of providing for James himself, his friend established a connection to an influential member of a local cartel. Talon would work as an overqualified debt collector, bodyguard and errand boy in exchange for money and shelter from his father.

The pay and working conditions were poor, but James had little other options. He was a fit young man and maybe he would have made a good soldier or even an N7 with his training, but he was not willing to live under the government's terms, now that he escaped the service of his father.

Enlisting to years of service seemed just like replacing one evil with another. Instead he chose the relative freedom of a cartel runner and while it did not make him a lot of money, Talon was able to form many connections with people who could make good use of his talents and were able to make up with money what they lacked in morals.

Just one year after James started to work for the cartel, he was contacted by Andrew Steger, a businessman and associate of James´s employer who offered him an opportunity to leave Earth and work as an assassin for him. Talon did not need time to think about it; he jumped at that offer and left his home planet for good. From there, James traveled to an apartment in the Citadel, where he was tasked with his first assassination: the target was a business associate of his contractee. Talon was offered a considerable fee for this endeavour, but when he confronted his target, the man offered him an even greater sum, just to spare his life. Again, James did not have to think long about the choice. He felt no loyalty towards Steger and saw a chance in the offer.

friendship over the years and his unstable lifestyle made it impossible for him to hold the relationships he formed. This just further worsened James´s opportunistic character and his life became increasingly solitary over the years. One place James avoided however, was earth, until 2183.

In that year, James was contacted by an old Volus businessman, that offered a ludicrous amount of money for the death of Ezekiel Talon. It was not a comfortable choice for James to make. He wanted that money, but the prospect of confronting his father and the past he abandoned made him uneasy. After a day of contemplation, he agreed to the contract and headed to earth. Talon noticed upon arriving in Britain that the job would be different from his usual line of work. Most contracts required the execution of civilian targets in rather common situations. Often it would be enough to break into their houses or set up a trap with a sniper rifle along the targets living area to complete the contract.

However, his first research showed that his father still lived in the family's mansion in Caernarfon, but a failed assassination attempt several years ago, had driven Ezekiel into a secluded life. James knew his target. Where he himself was untrusting, his father could be downright paranoid. Agitated by suspicion and fear, Ezekiel almost never left the mansion and had greatly improved the defenses, set up perimeters, patrolled by guards, watch dogs and a panic room. Talon went to great length to prepare the coup. He tested the defenses, noted cycles in the guardshifts and researched changes made to the mansion. 4 weeks of planning for 2 hours of heisting.

James was aware that triggering any kind of alert would lead to permanent failure, a dynamic entry would be spectacularly useless. Instead he snuck into the compound, that his former home had become, with minimal violence (and relatively minor animal cruelty). Without a much ado, James killed his father once he found his way into the mansion and in a hint of sloppy sentimentality, he set the old manor on fire during his escape.

Talon settled down with the money he just made and bought a house on Eden Prime shortly after. Complacent with his wealth he gave up his career. Or so he thought. Years of solitude had damaged his abilities to socialise and the wealth he had quickly became stale without friends and family. Talon realised that his job was the only thing he could really appreciate and just two years after he arrived, he sold his house and looked for opportunities. Willing try something new, James enlisted to the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. initiative

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

"Due Process"

How James dealt with his defenseless prisoners on Cipritine.

James was assigned to the CSV Muramasa. He was involved in the ship-wide event CSV Muramasa: Every Breath You Take and succesfully completed it. He and Grifter were the only survivors of their squad. In honor of his deeds on Cipritine, Talon has been promoted to the Muramasa´s commanding officer along with Riot as his executive officer. He led a striketeam in the event CSV Muramasa: The Battle of Wrill, where he was severly injured by Drogar Tarok. After his recovery James led his soldiers on the planet Taetrus during the event CSV Muramasa: Assault on Taetrus. For his accomplishments as captain on the Muramasa, Talon has been promoted to the rank of Watcher and was given his personal ship, the CSV Caernarfon.

When James's crimes were made public on August 1st, August Emerson sent Cassius Strada, alongside Kamprad Martius and Marisol González to take him. Dead or alive. Not willing to take any risks with the dangerous criminal, the team ambushed Talon and put an end to him in a café on the Aegis.


James Talon was a cruel and selfish individual with a sadistic nature. There is only one man he cared about and that was himself. He will bend his morals and principles to serve his needs and anything he does is geared at his own gain. This goes so far that he is barely able to view interaction with others as anything other than investments of his time.

While he can be friendly or caring, he usually only displays these emotions if he perceives them as beneficial for himself. His job and training gave James a strong sense of professionality over the years, which often conflicts with his self-absorbed nature, where his craving for praise collides with his professional instinct to not draw attention. Talon thinks very highly of himself and is uncomfortably arrogant and conceited. He considers those around him as inferior and tends to underestimate others. Naturally, this makes him a sore loser and he often holds grudges against those who outmatch him.

With James lack of respect and care for other people comes a strong dislike for authority. At least authority others hold over him. However he understands the benefits of it and can be obedient as long as, of course, helps him in the pursuit of his goals.

Furthermore, Talon is suspicious and slow to trust others, a trait that has only worsened since the Cipritine incident...