Jorgal Cirn is a Major in G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. stationned on the GSV Arcadia. He was the former Commanding Officer of the CSV Muramasa.



Compared to the rest of the males, Cirn comes in around 6'8" tall and 618 lbs. And what he lacks in height, he makes up for in for with intimidation.




Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Like many after the Genophage, Cirn was a Krogan lucky to be born. Be it due to the effects of the Genophage, or by simple misfortune, Cirn was always shorter than the average Krogan and often called, or referred to as the "runt". His father was furious that Cirn was born so small and wanted nothing to do with him. Confused as to why his father was distant, he asked his mother and she explained to him the history of the Genophage and how difficult it was to have offspring as a Krogan because if it. Even though he didn't know who was immediately invoked in its creation, he carried anger of those who were involved in the creation of the Genophage.

When became of age, he passed his Rite of Passage, to the surprise of many and was assigned to the Jorgal clan. As time would pass, he would stand up for any Female Krogan; as he viewed them to be the most valuable things in the Galaxy.

Years later, Cirn left Tuchanka in search for making a name for himself, seeing his own father didn't even acknowledge him after being in the clan Jorgal. He made his way to the Citadel and became a Mercenary, using his anger for those who caused the Genophage to bring about success on his assignments. His mercenary work ultimately had him cross paths with an undercover C-Sec officer and was quickly (and surprisingly) subdued and brought in for "volunteer recruitment" for the GUARDIAN.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Jorgal was assigned to the CSV Muramasa. He is was involved in the ship-wide event CSV Muramasa: Every Breath You Take, assisting operatives Merlin and Jax in defending most of a group of civilians while losing a few to a maniacal insurrectionist sniper. Cirn was a part of the ground team sent to escort asari politician Missandre L'Oren back to her homeworld of Nevos and ensure that it was free of Taetran Insurrection fighters. While the planet was free of the Insurrection another enemy had taken hold, forcing the GUARDIAN operatives to escape after Missandre had been killed. The man participated in the battle for Wrill, proving crucial in the war effort alongside the Krogan Empire. As the Insurrection was brought to its last leg, Cirn and a team were sent to Taetrus to end the fight once and for all.


On April 15th, 2185 Jorgal Cirn was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and given command of the CSV Muramasa.


Cirn is a direct individual, he won't "beat around the bush". If he's bothered, angry or frustrated, he won't hesitate to make it known. He tends to have a dry sense of humor, though rarely makes an attempt at it. He lets his temper get the best of him at times and finds to solve arguments with head buts, it by other means of physical expression.