Kazem is an elcor mercenary and former G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative.



Kazem is of average height, but a bulkier than usual. Having had either a gun or a pack strapped to his back for his entire service with the mercenaries, he is incredibly strong, even by elcor standards. Beneath his armor, his skin has a blue-ish colour, typical of elcor born on Ekuna. His eyes are black and matte. There are some old scars and weirdly coloured shapes on his body, reminders of the not-so-subtle methods of prisoner discipline the Blue Suns use. He has a stun collar around his neck.


Kazem uses a shoulder-mounted machine gun and grenade launcher in combat.


His combat armor is scorched black because of the airdrops. He wanted to keep it clean for a while, but the Blue Suns were afraid he would either sabotage it (so he would die the next time he was dropped) or tinker with it in a way that would enable him to overpower them.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Kazem was born on Ekuna in 2071. Born and raised a colony kid, he was happy in the knowledge that he would live all his life roaming the deserts of his homeworld. He walked with his tribe, he listened to the tribe's Elders, he learned the tribe's history. He took a liking to the epics their leaders sang, and even dabbled in a bit of poetry himself. Many in the tribe whispered that he had the makings of a future Elder. Life was good. Then, his mother started getting coughs. She had been an off-worlder, having moved here from Thunawanuro. This, according to the Elders, meant that her body was not used to the constant cold of Ekuna, something that native elcor have already adapted to. She would have to move back to her homeworld, or die. So it was that in 2149, Kazem's life took a new turn: he would move away from his nice and cool homeworld to the tropical sauna that was Thunawanuro.

The transport shuttle was a slaver trap, however. As soon as they were outside of Ekuna's planetary defenses, tranquilizer gas began to be pumped through the vents, subduing all elcor on board. When young Kazem woke up, he was in a cell. As he later learned, the cell was on a repurposed ark ship, owned by the Blue Suns. Him and his tribe were captured for what the mercenary group called "encouraged recruitment". The mercenaries needed heavy hitters, bodyguards, pack mules that would haul equipment - in a word, they needed elcor. So they captured their transport ships, and "encouraged" the travellers to join the Blue Suns by spacing those who didn't.

So Kazem accepted the offer. He got a blue armor, a shoulder-mounted gun (it seemed like it was repurposed from a human Mako vehicle), and a shoulder mounted grenade launcher. The mercenaries made sure that elcor from the same ship wouldn't get to serve together within the company, so he never found out what happened to his family. The one time he tried to ask around, a couple of years after joining up, he was beaten, thrown into a cell, and told not to ask so many questions - the Blue Suns reeducation program. It was in this cell that Kazem realized: he had to do something about his situation. He had to escape the Blue Suns, or he would die - if not in combat, then in a cell. So he started planning his getaway. He managed to get a copy of some reenactments of elcor epics, and studied the ancient poetry of his people for an answer to his current conundrum. He wanted to learn from the elcor heroes of old. He read for years. His original captors were killed, or went missing; still, Kazem read. He was taken on missions, guns were strapped onto his back, and he was sent in to kill - still, he read. For three decades, he studied. For three decades, he dutifully guarded, intimidated or shot whoever the Suns pointed at.

His "signature" move was actually dropping in from low orbit. Since, as an elcor, he was too big to fit in most transport shuttles comfortably (and because the Suns didn't particularly care about his personal safety), most of the time he was simply dropped from low orbit in a space suit. Once he was at a necessarily low altitude, three parachutes would open up on his suit. Though the Suns only used this as an actual combat maneuver on a few occasions, when they were fighting on open terrain, he was airdropped in many times as a show of force. A mean looking elcor in a full combat armor and a shoulder cannon coming down from the heavens can break the resolve of most people.

Meanwhile, with the help of his epics, Kazem learned about Sereuun the Ancient, after whom one of the capitals of Dekuuna was named. When Sereuun himself was captured, he used a giant boulder to scare his enemies into carelessness by rolling it onto them from a hill. Those who didn't get squished ran screaming right into the arms of the enemy he signaled earlier. To reenact this, he had to get two things: a boulder, and an enemy to lie in wait. The first one was easy. As the walking tank of any assignment, he could have all the flash and concussion grenades he wanted. The enemy, however, was trickier. Whenever he was on a mission, he would have a bomb collar on his neck. The sensors of the collar were connected to the lifesign sensors of one of his squadmembers; were said partner to die, the bomb would go off. Because of this, he had to find someone who would subdue but not kill the his captors. The only such forces were police. And the only police force the Blue Suns wouldn't dare to retaliate towards was Citadel Security.

His plan was set in motion in early 2185. They were on the Citadel, on guard duty for some Turian information broker. It was Kazem, a Legionnaire as his partner/warden, and a centurion to show how important the client was. As soon as they docked, Kazem tried everything he could to get C-Sec's attention. He bumped into people, he insulted people, he even dropped a grenade in front of a security camera. Sure enough, he soon noticed a Turian and a Human officer tailing them from some distance. He knew what he had to do. As they arrived to a lift, Kazem was left for last as a lookout. He used this distance to shoot a flashbang grenade into the lift. Just as he planned, the grenade managed to incapacitate everyone inside, and the noise provoked an almost immediate response from the two officers tailing them. He surrendered, and all three of them were taken into custody.

Kazem was freed of the collar, and imprisoned. He wanted to talk himself out of the situation, but the officers would have none it. He was charged, just like his squad members. However, he did manage to get the attention of the human officer who was on his tail with the turian. The alien was not on his case after making the arrest, so he couldn't directly help him. He did, however, manage to get Kazem on the GUARDIAN shortlist for recruitment due to his military experience. The elcor was given an option: serve his sentence in a cell, or on a warship. He chose the second. His custody was officially given to GUARDIAN, and he got back all of his equipment, along with a new collar - though this time, it was only to stun, not kill him.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Kazem was assigned to the CSV Muramasa. He was present during the mission CSV Muramasa: Necropolis, assisting a private investigator in uncovering the whereabouts of a missing research team. On February 19th, 2186 Kazem resigned his post within G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N., returning home to Ekuna.


Kazem's personality is ruled by the three decades he has spent with Blue Suns, basically acting as their warslave. Any time he expressed even a shred of individuality, he was brutally put down. As such, he is used to not talking much, only speaking when he is spoken to, and, most importantly, following orders to the letter. He has complete disregard for his own safety, trusting himself in the ability of those who command him. Because of the looser nature of Blue Suns military structure, Kazem is not really comfortable - or knowledgeable - with how an official military organization like GUARDIAN operates. For him, fighting means that you follow the instructions of your commanding officer, or you die. He doesn't know how inner politics work, or how he can have more than commander. Another side effect of him always fighting on the side of his captors is the fact that he doesn't really get camaraderie. He never fought with people he cared about - the most he's gotten was fighting with people with he didn't want to die.

The one thing the Suns couldn't take away from him was poetry. Not that they had a particularly soft spot for the elcor epic; they just didn't realize it was poetry. Without the subtle communicative tools of the elcor, the words of these works of art were about as moving as the instruction manual to the M35 Mako. Kazem couldn't have explained these magnificient works even if he tried to. His love of poetry leads to him having a very guarded sensitive side - albeit one that would only be observable by another elcor. Because of his relatively light education, he's not well versed in technology, or other races. He's lived an isolated life both on Ekuna and with the Blue Suns, and it shows.