Leta Millers is a cybernetically-augmented G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative formerly onboard the CSV Gandiva, then stationed on the CSV Melpomene. During the outbreak of the Terminus War, she was promoted to Watcher status within G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.'s Third Fleet.



Leta Millers is a human of Irish-American decent, standing at about five foot five. Freckles still remain on her face, but don’t grow as quickly or as covered had she been more pale. Brown hair is kept close cut, but longer than perhaps Marines regs might typically allow. In a normal situation, one might notice a very small limp in her left leg during her walk, but while running or any other movement, it’s gone and long forgotten. A pair of prothetic arms look about the same as her old ones, though the palms of her hands and small sections on the back of her hand are black with the texture material that allows her to feel things and sense temperatures. These prosthetics go to about mid bicep where they are connected to a modified bone that was grafted to her biological one. Her most striking feature are a pair of black prothetic eyes that never blink, though the lids remain and do give emotion to the artificial orbs they cover. A bright green ring around the ‘iris’ is noticeable and is self dimming in dark environments.


- M-12 Locust

- M-6 Carnifex

- M-23 Katana



Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Born to UNAS citizens, Leta grew up on the the colony world of Watson, Leta spent most of her life on the cold world as her parents, Both xenobiologists, went about the study the planet's creatures, as well as study of ancient remains of unknown origins. While the child of this couple was fairly good with mechanical workings of Loaders, computer equipment, and the like, she wanted off the world and see the other worlds that her parents told her about and what her schooling showed her. A family history of military service rekindled with the child did not help much keep the child tethered to the world of her parent’s interest. She was never interested in the nature of the alien universe beyond that of their homeworld, but that of the mechanical of those alien forms. At the age of 18, Leta enlisted herself into the Alliance Military, taking her mechanical skill and knowledge of a wrenching and omitools into the Navy and becoming one of the many Combat Engineers. The Skill sets learned on Watson only became more refined within the military. Forging her into a skilled expert with military grade equipment and automated systems while on the field of battle. By nature of the profession, she also became knowledgeable in the workings of Alliance vehicles and ships, assisting in engineering crews during long voyages and during space combat where the extra set of hands can assist in repairing battle damage.

It was during these formative years within the service that the young woman found her calling, and went career. Going career meant years of schooling beyond that of the calls of deployments to the ‘wild north’ of the galaxy. What combat here was, among the human pirate raids and Anti Batarian Slaver operations that risked the colony worlds, sparked the growth of the twenty year old to do more than what an engineer of the marines could potentially do. It was during a sabbatical, one given to all Alliance enlisted to see the universe, that she decided to ‘go big’ and throw in her name for consideration for the Interplanetary Combatives Training, the legendary N-School. At the age of 23, she was accepted into the 2176 Cadre class of ICT.

For those unfamiliar with the Interplanetary Combatives Training School, accepted candidates are brought to Rio De Janeiro to the ICT Academy and are quickly subjected to intensive combat training, lectures, hands-on teaching and the like. Akin to today’s US Navy SEALS BUDs training, the candidates are run ragged for 20 hours a day with little sleep, commanding small combat teams in hostile terrain. Those that pass their supervising instructors are invited back, and given the internal rank of N1. Subsequent classes, N2 to N6, introduce the candidate to new and different skills such as zero-G combat, military free-fall (parachuting), jetpack flight, combat diving, linguistics, foreign fighter & guerrilla warfare instruction and frontline trauma care for human and alien biology. Just surviving, regardless of passing the N1 class, individuals tend to carry with them an air of respect and hold promising fortunes in the Alliance military. For one Leta Millers, the severals years of progressing through the ranks of the school pushed the young woman further than she believed. At times, there had been individuals within the command structure who questioned if the short statured woman had the metal to make it through the training. But at the end of her fifth year of instruction, she was proud to internally hold the rank of N5. However during her N6 year, thing changed that made her truly question her resolve.

The N6 phase of training typically sent individuals into the field under true combat conditions as they operated Alliance-run operations. Everything from Combat boarding of hostile pirate vessels, the security and removal of Slaver rings in clandestine locations, to the active testing and joint operations among fellow Citadel forces. This phase is where many individuals pass, fail, or die in the attempt of achieving. Leta, wouldn’t have perished during her tenure, for then that would be the end of the story, but she would never achieve the rank of N7, for her final year was fraught was more challenge than that beyond a combat mission. But of surviving it and what came after.

The combat mission put before her was a relatively small and often done operation. Clearing out a Slaver group in one of the many systems barely reconnoitered by the Systems Alliance. Intelligence had only suggested the beginning of a slaving operation started by Batarian and Human associates, infrastructure and an established base of operations had yet to be established and the Alliance wanted to send a message to the group that they were always watching. With a plan that never lasted beyond the dropping of several Kodiak shuttles. For the moment the craft left their supporting Frigate and started down into the atmosphere, the craft began to take accurate anti-aircraft fire. Quickly, the platoon sized group of 30 turned to 10 as two craft were either damaged or outright destroyed. Leta, having landed first on the only unmolested. commanded what forces she had left to press forward, moving into the base as best they could under what initiative they had left. Over three hours, they methodically cleaned the base of hostiles, and removing the anti-air weaponry from operation for future craft to safely avoid. Even as the operation had been going well, they were soon informed of the arrival of three Batarian Navy vessels, none of whom responded to warning hails from the orbiting Frigate. Ships closed and in disregard for standing treaties and accords, weapons were fired from the oncoming craft to the Alliance Frigate. Having no choice but to evade enemy weapons fire, the Batarian rounds entered and hit the planet’s surface. While one may question how bad this might be, Considering the fact that and kinetic-fired weapon essentially turned into a non-nuclear WMD, and the rounds proximity to the Slaver base, caused the causality list of the

operation to grow quickly and traumatically. The base itself was cleansed from the face of the planet, and the N6 team that was there took the brunt of such an assault. They survived by the usage of the single functioning shuttle, getting several kilometers before the shockwave took the shuttle and sent it crashing onto the planet’s surface. For the survivors, of which there was five including one Leta Millers, they evaded capture for three weeks as the Frigate left to summon reinforcements. When an Alliance feel returned and drove the Batarian ships away, the totality of the mission came to light for the Alliance, though word of what happened would forever remain hidden and classified. There would be no metals for any of the participants. Of the survivors, four retired or resigned their commissions, leaving Leta, who had been severely injured during the first days of their survive, evasion, resistance, and escape, remained with the program, but at the time, wouldn’t gain the mark that they had been hoping for.

Leta wounds were as followed; During the Shuttle crash, she broke her right arm and a leg as the vessel tumbled and rolled. The leg was later properly splinted and recovered fine once returning to Alliance held medical facilities. The arm however had been fractured in more places than it might have been possible to use plates on. And her body’s resistance to regenerative therapy necessitated the removal of that limb. Her left arm was injured days after, however more akin to being blown off by the force of a Batarian harpoon gun. On the final day and during extraction, the shuttle they had been upon suffered a critical, yet survivable hit as it fled spaceward, though the sprawling of metal and materials within the craft caused several facial wounds, in which she lost her eyesight. Rumors still exists to this day upon the SVV Midway, from the Marines and Medics who tended to the arriving shuttlecraft, to have seen a severely wounded marine, armor blood crusted and burnt, still clutching her standard issued Avenger rifle.

Since the forever unmentioned battles of the Frontier, Leta Millers had undergone a large number of medical operations and surgeries to recover from her near- death experience. Part of the problem, was her genetic problems with medi-gel and artificially created replacements. A rare complication her Leta’s biology that required a different approach to having the Marine be once again a productive member of society. A willing biotech company, having been contacted by a number of Alliance medical personnel, donated their time and effort in the challenge, and for several years worked with the Alliance and Leta in her recovery. The hours of physical and mental therapy were long and daunting, but like with the ICT courses, Leta fought her way to first seeing, then moving under her own power.

By October 2185, 2nd Lieutenant Leta Millers reported to Arcturus Station for reassignment after being medically cleared for active, front line duty. While she is physically able and mentally capable of returning to battle, she does so knowing that her prosthetics are truly untested and rare among the battlefield. And besides some names suggested her to be a fictional police officer, she feels that by joining the Alliance's GUARDIAN program, she could once again do good for the universe.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Leta was assigned to the CSV Gandiva. She was involved in the ship-wide event CSV Gandiva: Fortunate Sons. During the mission, Leta was vital in securing the TITAN mech from Blight Dominion forces, suffering minor wounds to her cybernetics in the process.

During the Aftermath between the fallout of the Taetran Insurrection's collapse and the beginning of the Galactic Civil War, Leta reseigned her commission from the Human Systems Alliance. She was reassigned from the Gandiva to the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Third Fleet onboard the CSV Melpomene as a deep cover operative.


Like the old Marine mascot, Leta has a lot of drive and confidence for someone who barely clocks in at five and a half feet. This Devil dog has been through hell and has seen much, and while not eager to share the war stories of grandeur, she is more than willing to help a younger Marine in gaining the so-much-desired wisdom that every FNG wishes. In a command situation, she tends to be quiet, calculated and will wait for the opportune moments to strike and react. She is a bulldog, loyal and willing to serve those who’ve earned her loyalty, but dear lord, say not a prayer for those who cross her. But for the willingness to step in and be that individual in the line of fire, it can give the impression that she's a bit of a hot head, willing to jump into action without second thought. Coming from her personal combat experiences, Leta has a noted case of xenophobia and racism when it comes to dealing with Batarians, and would prefer not to work with any individual of that particular species. The other races she has a more favorable opinion on.