Mah'Raan nar Undani was a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative, Xenobiologist, and Research Specialist aboard the CSV




Mah'Raan nar Undani was 5'11", 110 lbs in Earth gravity, and has reddish purple skin, dark brown hair and eyes. It may be physically unable for Mah’Raan to slouch. Though he seems lean, this was the result of spending days studying in the lab and forgetting to eat. He’s considered fairly attractive among quarians, though, honestly, who knows what determines that. It was most likely his confidence and the way that he carries himself: as if he was simultaneously too gentle to piss off, and, if you were to get on the wrong side of him, you’d be dead before you even realized you did something wrong. 


He uses an M-6 Carnifex and an optimized omniblade.


His envirosuit was sleek black with a red hood, sash, and arm accents. He has added a few extra pockets sewn to the inside of his hip-cloths to hold scientific implements and various samples.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Mah’Raan was born to Kor’Raan, a wealthy farmer, and the chief scientist aboard the Undani, Dal’Raan. He and his father, Kor’Raan, had a good relationship, and he was very interested in agriculture for the formative years of his life. However, in 2179, the Undani, under the advice and direction of Dal’Raan, was summoned to the Gorgon system to investigate reports of an Asari scientist who had discovered a breakthrough in hydroponic crop efficiency. Unfortunately, a group of Batarians had also heard the rumors and were using the system as an ambush point. In the skies over Vectra, the Undani and their military escort were destroyed, and the ships were taken for salvage by the Batarians. Mah’Raan’s mother stayed aboard the ship during the attack, desperately trying to salvage her research, and Kor’Raan refused to leave his wife. Mah’Raan was able to make it to an escape pod, just as his home for the past 16 years was destroyed, but a concussion blast knocked the pod off course, and he spent the next two days floating through the emptiness of space.

Mah’Raan was eventually rescued by, of all things, a Krogan research vessel. He and the other survivors were brought aboard the cramped, filthy vessel, and while his friends and other shipmates complained and kept to their quarters, Mah’Raan sought out the leader, Wravoc, and, for the first time in his life, started studying other races. Since only quarian ships were allowed to dock at the Migrant Fleet, Mah’Raan had only heard stories about how violent and primitive the Krogan were. However, in his conversations with Wravoc, he found him to be a brilliant scientist, possibly even better than his mother, but denied access to the proper education and equipment. He learned that the vessel had come to Vectra for help in Wravoc’s pet project: a system of hydroponic agricultural ships so that the Krogan didn’t have to colonize other worlds or live on the twisted hellscape that is Tuchanka. Every word that Mah’Raan heard seemed fundamentally contrary to the tales he had heard of the Krogan, and he spent the next few months learning their culture, biology, and ideals. When the research vessel finally reached what was to be Mah’Raan’s new home, a very old liveship known as the Ravenda, Mah’Raan decided to devote the rest of his life to learning as much as possible about other races.

On the Ravenda, without the stability or support of his well-off parents, or almost any friends of any kind, Mah’Raan was quickly put to work as a mechanic, a job that he was absolutely terrible at, but one that taught him all he would need to know about the inner workings of a ship. He spent every spare second of free time that he had researching other races, particularly the Asari, Salarian, and, of course, the Geth. In December of 2184, at 21, Mah’Raan published his first paper. After watching every vid of the geth that he could get his hands on, including ones from other ships, he had uncovered the idea that there were two separate geth factions. The Geth that had thrown his people out of Rannoch and the Geth currently terrorizing the galaxy seemed to communicate and behave differently.

While still a preliminary study, it threw the Ravenda into uproar, and his scientific findings were immediately dismissed. One month later, in January of 2185, three quarians made an attempt on his life for being a Geth sympathizer. However, knowing that this would be coming sooner or later, Mah’Raan had purchased an M-6 Carnifex in an underground deal from a military liveship and had spent the last month upgrading and refining his Omniblade. He was able to kill all three of his attackers, but sustained serious injuries. Though the fleet security systems showed that he was only defending himself, his previous paper had not made him very popular, and that combined with the recent events encouraged him to only stay on Ravenda long enough to repair his suit before setting out on Pilgrimage.

The only sensible place for Mah’Raan to go for his first real journey outside of the Migrant Fleet was the Citadel. He was staggered by the overwhelming diversity and vibrance of life, in addition to the staggering amount of racism against “suit-rats.” Undeterred, he spent this time finding out about races he hadn’t researched yet, such as the hanar and drell, and charming his way into the office of prominent politicians and having conversations about the genophage and other prominent political issues. He met Councilor Caern to express his support for what he was doing, and the two got along rather well, though he saw Caern as fairly idealistic. The GUARDIAN leadership caught wind of him through this accidental networking and his controversial research paper, and he was quickly recruited.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Mah'Raan was assigned to the CSV Gandiva. He was involved in the ship-wide event CSV Gandiva: Fortunate Sons. During the mission briefing on October 16th, 2185, the Gandiva's Commanding Officer promoted Mah'Raan to the position of Research Specialist.

During his time on the Gandiva, he was a mole acting as Councilor Caern's 'inside man'. Shortly before the events of CSV Gandiva: Calling to the Night, Mah'Raan realised that he was close to being discovered and fled the ship and G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.. He moved from safehouse to safehouse, eventually being tracked down by Cassius Strada, his former C.O., at the Redbone Bar on Tortuga.


Mah’Raan had an easygoing manner that implies he never stopped smiling under his faceplate. However, he was also extremely brusque and overly inquisitive, which often also lead to confrontation as he could come across as dismissive, overly blunt, or entirely rude. He was not interested in others’ opinions about himself, but fascinated by others’ opinions about literally everything else.

Mah’Raan was extremely open-minded for a quarian; in fact, he was one of a select few among the billions on the liveships that actively advocates for peace between the quarians and the Geth, which has, of course, earned him the labels of traitor and Geth sympathizer. Because of this extensive amount of research about Rannoch, he used “Keelah” in slightly strange ways, which made him come off as quite odd. He preferred to settle any conflict through a long conversation in which he will talk far too much, but he always kept his trusty Carnifex at his side and was unafraid to use it. Mah’Raan was trained in firearm handling, military discipline, and combat tactics, as was every GUARDIAN operative, but, as was his tendency, saw most of these things as theoretical. In addition, his research had taught him the easiest and most effective method to incapacitate both synthetic and organic enemies. Though he certainly could hold his own in a firefight, and was more talented than he thought he was, especially once adrenaline kicked in, that had only really been tested once.

In addition, though he had studied both the biology and culture of almost all alien races, he was not really a specialist in anything, which lead to him feeling outclassed by almost any other experienced scientist. This is exacerbated by the lack of formal schooling in his chosen subject and the fact that very few quarians have studied anything related to his work, so he felt like he has to cover all subjects related to aliens in order to assist his people.

A note on alignment; most of his ways of speaking, his belief in the good in all species, and his preference for diplomacy are Paragon. However, he was a very practical person, and his 'take no shit' attitude pushed him further towards Renegade. He seemed more Paragon than he truly was, but was much less Renegade than he thought he was.