Markus "Riot" Cromwell is a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Lieutenant onboard the GSV Arcadia. He was the Executive Officer of the CSV Muramasa before his swift demotion. Afterwards he became an Investigator with H-Sec on Haven.



Young and fit Markus keeps himself in relatively good condition despite his diet. He keeps his long messy hair out of the way by tying it back in a messy bun. It's not the most professional way to do so but since it's out of the way no one has really pulled him up on it since it's not been worth the effort. His unshaven face and casually worn uniforms do little to endear him to superiors but at least he does his job and does it well.

Both of his arms have been replaced with prosthetic due to an accident as a child. He doesn't mind them too much though and actually prefers them this way since he can just replace or repair broken arms rather than waiting for them to heal and suffering the pain of that. Given the option he would probably upload his brain into a robot body purely for convenience.

Post Aftermath

Not much has changed physically aside from more extensive cybernetics covering his upper torso extending to the nape and sides of his neck. This provides him with greater durability and eliminates the stress fractures he used to suffer occasionally when overexerting what remained of his shoulders. He can also open the panels to reveal his internal organs, this makes medical checkups easier and lets him disgust others in new and exciting ways.


Markus' arms can deploy a tonfa like baton each from their underside which he uses for close quarters combat. He is also skilled in improvised weaponry and will often think of new ways to take advantage of his cybernetics and surprise his foe. He also carries around a rarely used M-3 Pistol.


When necessary Markus dons a custom suit of riot gear that leaves his arms exposed. It provides moderate protection against most forms of combat. His arms are also able to fold out and create two small shields or one large riot shield that he can use in his defense or the defense of others, though hi offensive capabilities are severely hindered when deploying his main shield.


Markus has a biotic damper implanted allowing him to negate the effects of a biotic. It can be used to counter two biotic attacks before requiring a recharge period. At rest the recharge period is 1 hour, with an elevated heartrate it is between 10 to 15 minutes.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Markus grew up in northern England rather poor. He learned the value of working hard but seeing his father work himself to an early grave he also learned the value of levity and enjoying yourself when you can.

Despite living in a prominent first world nation on a very prominent planet his family still barely managed to keep from living in poverty due to living in such a poor area and not having the money to move anywhere with better prospects.

After barely surviving a shuttle craft crash as a child Markus' mother was forced to take on massive amounts of debt to buy new limbs for him as the national health service wouldn't cover it.

Having developed a mistrust of large organizations as a whole he rather hypocritically decided to join the Police as there were few other legitimate options available and he felt this was the best way he could help people out.

Markus' time with the police was frantic to say the least. Due to the nature of the work he was part of he was dragged up and down the country to deal with delicate situations. He took to it surprisingly well and excelled at his work (minus the paperwork of course). Aside from hostage situations and riots he was involved in a number of investigations and proved his worth as a detective as well. However one case remained unsolved and after a while was forgotten. 

When not tasked with testing some new gizmo his augmentations of choice were a set of collapsible riot shields located in each arm that offered him a moderate amount of protection, the two shields could also be combined by locking his arms together side by side in front of him though this severely limited his maneuverability and was not an effective long term tactic. He also had twin batons installed in each arm. Due to these add ons his coworkers took to calling him Riot.

After spending five years with the police he began to feel that he was wasting his potential by limiting himself to England. Why not try to help people across the galaxy? Given the tensions rising between the Krogans and Turians and the formation of G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Markus saw his opportunity. Having officially applied for membership and begged to be allowed to keep his shields and batons he left Earth for the first time.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Markus was assigned to the CSV Muramasa. He was involved in the ship-wide events; CSV Muramasa: Every Breath You TakeNecropolis and The Battle for Wrill.

Having joined the crew of the ship he'd Markus took to his new life with gusto, introducing himself to everybody he met and doing his best to be their friends. He aided Mirak in investigating the Cipritine Central PLE station during the Every Breath You Take Arc. He also helped investigate Jormangund Technology's findings on Eingana during the Necropolis side story. During the Battle for Wrill he fought alongside Cirn and Rabrakir and may even have saved the latter's life. 

After a mild Flitter controversy and his resulting insubordination, he was stripped of his rank as Executive Officer by James Talon.

Post Aftermath

This marked the beginning of the end for Markus' happy life. After this and learning of the death of Mirak he became a little more introspective and eventually realised that most found him annoying. Rather than addressing this issue he slowly began withdrawing socially, instead focusing on his "pet project". After numerous run ins with James Markus became convinced the man was dangerous and unstable. The led him to remember his involvement in an unsolved murder case back on earth in which the lead suspect was James. He decided to investigate it privately to prove once and for all that James was not a hero and to prove his worth to his colleagues.

With Haven

After the founding of Haven in early 2186 Markus was transferred there as an investigator. This was more in keeping with how he wanted to live his life. Not that he didn't enjoy combat, but law enforcement gave him greater oportunities to help people more directly. His mother was happier about this development also as it put him further out of harms way.


Cheerful, sincere, hotheaded and idealistic is one way to describe Markus, idiot is another way. Valuing liberty above all else Markus is focused on doing his level best to support and help others while also trying to have fun doing so. Quick to anger and quicker to forgive Markus does his best to keep himself in check but doesn't always manage it when he feels something isn't right.

Post Aftermath

Markus has begun developing the habits of a shut in. He spends most of his time in his quarters now when not taking care of his duties as an operative, fetching food or keeping himself clean and maintained. Having realised his social shortcomings Markus has decided the best option is to keep to himself so as to avoid annoying others and hurting himself. Instead all his spare time is spent obsessively investigating James Talon's possible involvement with the murder of his own father. The old Markus is still there of course, but he's repressed his outgoing nature for now. 

With Haven

With the exposure of James Talon and the transfer to a colony Markus has bounced back to more or less his old self and has even taken up baking as a hobby.