"Don't forget what you came here for."
Nero Certus was a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative and the Executive Officer of the CSV Muramasa. He was executed by James Talon after being found in a state of shellshock during a mission.



Nero was tall, yet less athletic than your average turian. He wore his dual-colored markings with pride, occasionally heard talking about them.


On operations, Nero typically carried an M-23 Katana shotgun and his M-6 Canifex Hand Cannon.


Nero could be found wearing more traditional, simple turian clothing. He'd lost his taste for finer, more expensive materials. In combat, he could be seen wearing his former c-sec armor that he, to quote, "May or may not have been lifted from those bastards before I took off."


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Born to Lucius and Lyzia Certus on Palaven, Nero lived comfortably until the age of five. His parents raised him with care, and he had a particular interest in cooking, and honed his skills. At the age of five, his mother died in a shootout trying to save her family, leaving Nero and Lucius alone. Nero, devastated, learned his mother was caught up in gang affairs, yet never resented her for it, nor did Lucius. It wasn't for another three years that Lucius re-married, finding love with an Italian politician named Faith Moretti, who was also very caring to Nero. Nero considers her just as much of a mother as Lyzia was.

Fifteen years after the fact, Nero graduated from C-Sec academy, believing he had found his place in life. He found love and got married to a turian woman named Silana Acatus in 2177 at the age of 22. He shared a deep, romantic connection with her, and even went so far as to, as he tells it, 'take a bullet for her.' In reality, it was a stray bullet that happened to catch him the shoulder, but he spins it to be more romantic. Later on, he had a daughter with Silana, naming her 'Maxidia.' For seven years, he had a proper family, and was truly happy.

This turned around when his wife was murdered in front of his eyes by an asari mugger. A shocked Nero strangled her to death in retaliation. He soon fell into a deep depression after losing the love of his life, then after losing his job as well. In a fit of pure rage, he blamed the asari for all of his problems, and hasn't changed his view since. Slumming out of his depression, he realized that he needed to find a new purpose in life, and sought out something better for himself, something better for his child. In response, Nero took a life insurance policy out on himself and left Maxidia as the beneficiary. Leaving her with his father, Lucius, he leaves to find a new, better life with an organization called 'G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.'.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Nero was the Executive Officer of the CSV Muramasa until October 16th, 2185. He was caught in shellshock almost immediately during the ship-wide event CSV Muramasa: Every Breath You Take. He froze up during combat and laid against a wall for almost half an hour, unable to move. He was killed before extraction by James Talon as revenge for leaving his team to their own devices.


Nero was a loud, cynical turian who tended to crack jokes at others' expense. However, when faced with a serious problem, he'd buck up and face the problem head on. He often found himself in mortal danger, but would almost always find a way to slip by in the end. He was proud of his Cipritine colony markings, and had a particular distaste for any turian who goes 'barefaced'. He was openly racist against asari, blaming them for the death of his wife Silana in 2184. When talking to someone whom he deeply trusts, he'd open up and be more heartfelt with his words, yet tried to hide it out of fear of being labeled a 'softie'.


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