Obadiah Kennedy was a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative onboard the GSV Calliope within G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Third Fleet.



Old man. White hair on most of his head, except his right side which has extensive burn marks from an incident when he fought in the First Contact War. Uses a cane for his slight limp, this does not slow his walking pace. He always wears a pendent given to him by his adopted daughter. In his top shirt pocket he keeps a pocket-sized bible with a picture of his daughter in it as a bookmark. His posture is almost perfect for a 63 year old man with a limp. As well as that he has the same fitness and strength that you’d expect from a soldier half his age.


Obadiah always carries a First Contact era pistol which he refuses to relinquish under any circumstances, as well as his cane. Obi also has with him his personal VI, Patrice.


Jormangund Tech Heavy Crisis/Hazard Armour


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Obadiah learnt from a young age not to depend on other people, growing up on the streets with his mother, father and sister. His father encouraged him to leave, and go find a better life. When he was 16 he enlisted in the Alliance, lying about his age. He is one of the most loyal Alliance soldiers ever known, even though he shared a lot of the same opinions as Cerberus he refused to join when he was offered a high ranking spot within Cerberus Command.

  Once he had made himself known within the Alliance, Obi was offered a spot as the tactician for an Alliance Special Forces group, there he was given advanced training that allowed him to spot even the smallest of details while planning a mission. He was instrumental is assisting Delta Squad during the Blood Pack Invasion of Fehl Prime. 

 When Obi adopted his daughter she was 6. Because he was still in Alliance SF Obi moved her to Luna where she spent 2 years with her Aunt. Eventually Obi was seeing his daughter less and less so he organised for his sister and daughter to move to the Citadel so he could see them more often. After spending 7 years on the Citadel she was approached for mandatory basic training within the Turian Military, despite Obi taking the affairs as high as the Citadel Council, she was still taken. She eventually left the Military and joined C-sec. Obi calls her everyday and often plays chess with her over the extranet. Due to the importance of his mission within GUARDIAN Obi is worried that he may not speak to his daughter for some time. She is the only person Obi feels comfortable being emotional around.

After years in Alliance SF Obi was offered a spot as Rear Admiral in the Alliance First Fleet, he held this position from 2165 until retirement in 2176. Obi was placed on a board that would oversee the construction and testing of a new experimental, prothean weapon being developed by the Citadel Council. Once he became well-decorated for his service in the First Contact War and The Skyllian Blitz, he was forced into retirement by the Alliance Admiralty Board. 

 However once word of the genophage cure had spread many insurgent groups began to appear, these unknown enemies were hitting Alliance forces without them having a chance at retaliation. This called for the reinstatement of one of the Alliance’s best tacticians, Obadiah Kennedy. He went on to join G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Obi is well known for being able to translate the insurgent tactics in record time. Obadiah used to be a well known tactician within the Alliance, however after more than 10 years of retirement his name and rank within the Alliance are gone. He joined G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N willingly to show people he is more than just an old man.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Obadiah was assigned to the CSV Aegis.


Unfortunately for Obi, he was not aboard any of the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. ships for the celebrations after the fall of the Insurrection. Nearing mid-December, Obadiah had to undergo a hip replacement due to his original giving out while aboard the Aegis. Because of his hip, Obadiah was always hesitant to take part in many critical events. The surgery went by with no complications, however, Obi soon found himself trapped in a bed for several weeks. With four weeks minimum recovery time, Obadiah had to find many things to fill up his days. First off, he evaluated the dossiers for his squad that he would command once he rejoined the Aegis crew. Still feeling the sting from some young human being appointed Admiral of their fleet, Obadiah put himself forward for the navigator role aboard the Aegis. Since he was one of, if not the only, applicant for the position, Obadiah was given it quite quickly. Wanting to prove his mettle within GUARDIAN, Obi bought several star charts and began to do his research. All the while, Obi stayed with his sister on the Citadel and received daily visits from his daughter.

With nothing but time on his hands, Obi found himself becoming quite the navigator, and he made sure not to let his tactical mind get too rusty either. Once the four weeks were over, Obadiah still had another month of recovery leave to do whatever he wanted. Unfortunately, the only thing he wanted was to be back aboard the Aegis. Always making sure he kept up to date on everything that was going on between the Batarians and Krogan, Obi could tell things were going to get worse if something wasn’t done. Eventually finding himself counting down the days left until he could return, Obi was suffering withdrawals from the military life. In early February, Obadiah was in the middle of packing his things for his return to GUARDIAN when he got news that the Quarians had joined the Confederacy. He found himself stuck between being overjoyed that his distrust of them was correct, or scared, that one of the biggest fleets in the galaxy was now on the side of their enemies. For the final week of recovery time, Obi was trying to decide whether or not to return to G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Despite knowing they would be at the heart of this, Obi almost felt obliged to rejoin the Alliance and help with tactics the Alliance could use against the Confederacy’s forces. After a discussion with his daughter and sister, Obadiah once again left for the Aegis. Since coming aboard, Obi has come to terms with the fact that he will not be admiral and has embraced his role as navigator. With his extensive knowledge of Krogan tactics, Obi believes he will be quite the asset once a conflict arises.


The night before the Second Skyllian Blitz, Obadiah Kennedy was found dead in his bedroom by a much younger male operative. His daughter was informed soon after.


Obadiah is not a particularly nice man. His love for the humans who live on deep space colonies runs deep, however he isn’t a fan of humans that grew up on Earth who were constantly protected by the Alliance fleets. Because he fought in the First Contact War and The Skyllian Blitz he has no tolerance for Turians or Batarians. He likes Salarians for their logical thinking. He sympathizes with the Krogan and supports their want for revenge against the Turians, believing the humans should join with the Krogan against them. He dislikes non-pureblood Asari as he is against cross species relationships. He thinks of the Quarians as nothing more than cowards, he supports the admirals who believe the Quarians should retake Rannoch. Most other races he has no opinion of, having not met a drell or vorcha before. Obi judges each species as a whole instead of each separate person, however over time he may come to liking people separately while still judging the species as a whole. Despite the fact it may go against some of his beliefs he was ordered to join G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N and help end the conflict, and he will not disobey an order. He is a large supporter of the silent treatment and uses it should anyone disrespect him, not taking rank into account. He is extremely familiar with Krogan and Salarian tactics, and uses them when combating enemies expecting Alliance tactics. He is often compared to Cerberus and the worst of humanity, though this is almost always followed by him punching the person who says it. He is a strong supporter of the Terra Firma party and is very vocal on behalf of them within the Alliance. Obi thinks that humans who use biotics, though they may be a valuable asset on the battlefield, are cheats. He compares it to someone getting super powers only to beat up non-powered people, and still thinking it can be called honour.

The only time Obi really showed emotion around his comrades was when Alliance Special Forces managed to stop Batarian slavers that were capturing a human passenger frigate. Once the Batarians realised they could not capture it they decided to blow it up just to spite the Alliance. With the ship on fire and descending into the lower atmosphere of a nearby planet, Obi helped in rescuing the people from the burning ship, one such person was a little Turian girl whose parents had perished in the fire. After the event he grew close with the girl and adopted her. She has helped increase Obi’s tolerance for other races, especially Turians. Despite how big the universe has gotten for the human race religion still lives on, and Obi is no exception. Obi can constantly be found reading the bible in his quarters, and often quotes the bible in his daily life.


Obadiah calls his entourage the "Suicide Squad".