Plot armor, also known as 'script immunity', is a form of unacceptable player behavior in combat.


Defined as the magical power to avoid injury and/or death indefinitely, using plot armor in character actions is viewed very negatively across all roleplaying communities, seen as selfish and overprotective.

By having a character able to permanently avoid injury or death except at times where the player wishes for it to occur, the character in question becomes incredibly dull and uninteresting to other players. Their presence in the world is no longer believable and they become a walking immersion-breaker.

Examples of Plot Armor Usage

  • In combat, somehow dodging the bullets (perhaps Matrix-style?) of many enemies despite being out in the open and without cover.
  • Miraculously surviving impossible situations, such as being spaced without appropriate survival gear, by making up very poor on-the-spot reasons about why they're going to survive anyway - e.g. just so happening to have some form of brilliant survival technology in their pockets.


  • The phrase 'plot armor' originated the Call of Duty franchise. It was informal term to describe the usage of a code script called 'Magic Bullet Shield' that was used on key NPCs to prevent them from dying early (as this would derail the games' linear stories). NPCs in question prove able to withstand normally-fatal damage with little more by way of reaction than a simple stagger or flinch.[1]

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