"What, that's it? Spout crap and run? THAT'S your idea of first aid?!"

Proctis Aartoan was a Lieutenant Commander in the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. programme onboard the GSV Clio within G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Third Fleet.



Proctis is a middle-aged male turian. Standing at 7”0’, he features dark umber skin, deep amber eyes and a strong, healthy fringe. His build is relatively muscular, but his chest/core are obviously more developed in that regard than his arms or legs when inspected visually. His light rosey-pink facial markings depict the symbols for Tyurtha, his home city.


Proctis carries with him a Krysae Sniper Rifle, an AT-12 Raider shotgun, a custom pistol and a set of recon grenades.



Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Proctis was born in Tyurtha, a large city on the southern Palaven continent of Lusola’am, to Lyura and Fetris Aarotan. Fetris passed away whilst Proctis was very young, before he could form any lasting memories of what sort of person his father was. Lyura often told her son that her husband was a good, if somewhat misguided, man who only wanted what was best for everyone. The family was seated around the equivalent of middle to lower-class in the civilian hierarchy’s system, allowing Proctis to receive a decent education in a public academy.

He was quiet and withdrawn as a young child, only opening up to healthier levels of social interaction around the age of eleven. It was also at this time that his latent biotic powers came to light, to which Lyura credits her involvement in an element-zero refinery explosion during her work on Oma Ker during Proctis’ gestation. The truth behind this claim has never been fully tested. He received five years of part-time biotic training alongside his regular schooling and was marked for the cabal units when he came to be of serving age.

Lyura encouraged Fetris to pursue a career with high pay rather than what he personally wanted to do. Overwhelmed with the options available to him upon beginning his mandatory military training at 15, the young turian took several optional courses to improve his candidate score and discovered that he quite enjoyed first aid and biomedicine, deciding to pursue it as a possible job avenue wherever he could.

Upon graduation at 16, Proctis filed an application to specialise as a Corpsman and spent eight years serving in the Hierarchy Naval Marine Corps. Under the banner of the 34th Battalion Taeolar Regiment, a cabal unit, he saw light-to-moderate ship-to-ship and infantry combat fighting various insurgent and terrorist factions on the edges of Citadel space. He primarily served on the PFS Fortitude, one of Hierarchy Navy’s support frigates, and was happy to allow the really heavy fighting to be left to non-cabal units whilst he focused on a more behind-the-scenes medical support role. During these eight years, Proctis received funding from the Navy to study a degree part-time, to which he opted to focus on Medicine & Surgery. At 24, upon completion of his studies, Proctis requested a permanent position on the Fortitude as a trauma surgeon. His request was accepted with a catch - rather than staying on the Fortitude, he would instead be assigned to planetside bases on Palaven. In the enthusiasm of receiving the offer, he accepted, only later discovering just how little he cared for the slower pace of colony-set medical work. He felt as if something was now missing from his life. Despite this, his new role as a military medical professional called for him to undergo six months of officer training before he was admitted fully into the position. Proctis was unhappy with his life’s direction, blaming it on his biotic powers. At 26, he issued a formal transfer application to work as a trauma surgeon on any turian ship that required one, eventually begin taken onto the PFS Indomitable.

Whilst it was little more than a patrol cruiser, he finally felt like he was at home now that he was back in space once more. It was here that he was able to truly develop and exercise his leadership skills, leading his own combat and medically-trained trauma team for almost five years. By this time, he had achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Furthermore, working in a team that wasn’t restricted to being made up of only other biotics eased Proctis’ worries that his abilities would limit his career. During this time, he began to further his education with a Ph.D. He has still yet to finish his thesis.

Thirsty to travel and seek out even more new experiences, Proctis applied to the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. programme when recruitment began in early 2185.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Proctis was assigned to the CSV Avalon, then transferred to the Clio. During the Second Skyllian Blitz, he was killed in action.


Proctis is generally a nurturing and well-meaning man with a strong sense of personal duty to his patients and a desire to connect with his peers. However, he has a nasty habit of becoming egotistical and envious under the right circumstances, growing to have grudges on anyone who outperforms him or impresses his superiors more so than himself.

Like many turians, he is very honest and open, accepting responsibility for his actions where appropriate and rarely getting defensive. However, he becomes very upset if he feels as if his peers are rubbing his failures in a little too much. When riled up like this, Proctis becomes a generally unpleasant person to talk to, throwing out destructive, sarcastic and unhelpful comments to ensure everyone knows just how unimpressed he is. As such, he struggles with teasing and banter with anyone who he is not very familiar with. This causes him to inadvertently weaken many potential new friendships as they’re only just beginning to form. He is aware of how much he does this and desperately wishes to change, but simply finds it too difficult to do control himself.

When calm and level-headed, Proctis is generally seen as easy to talk to. He’s always willing to have a chat with someone if it will make them feel better, becoming very demoralised if his presence fails to do so. He usually has a gentle and caring demeanour in these types of situations. He enjoys finding out more about others, asking plenty of questions wherever he can to pry out details.


  • Proctis' faceclaim was a custom commission Adameme paid DeviantART user BayZee to work on.