Ralek was a Taetran Insurrection operative who went undercover with the crew of the CSV Aegis. He was killed in combat operations on Tuchanka on December 31st, 2185.



Ralek is a normal Vorcha, with a build common to the miner-slaves of Parasc. His hands are tough, with a thick hide, but retain almost perfect mobility. Ralek’s upper body is well-muscled, and relatively unscarred. The low gravity of Parasc left him tall and long-limbed.

Ralek’s face is one common to Vorcha. Long, rippling skin, grays and blacks. He wears a green visor that covers both eyes, with a direct link to his omni-tool.


Ralek carries with him an M-3 Predator heavy pistol, an M-27 Scimtar shotgun and an Asari-made assault rifle.


He wears little armor, preferring to trust his tech armor and natural regeneration.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Ralek was born and raised on Parasc as part of a new, minimalistic civilisation program. The Asari could not comprehend maturing as quickly as the Vorcha, but they knew some people who did- the Salarians. In 2172, the first of these programs was put into place. It was moderately successful, and for the next few years the system was refined. Ralek was a child of the 2173-5 version of the program, with a specific focus on nonviolence and adaptability of personality.

It was wildly successful. Ralek and his siblings were able to learn and understand weapons design, technology, engineering, and other technical skills almost as fast as Salarians. The Asari assigned several of these Vorcha to technical operations as a test. Ralek was one of them.

He found himself an Engineer on the Asari mining colony. He maintained and updated the power systems, including the generator. Ralek was a gifted individual when it came to maintenance- his knowledge was lacking, but he made up for it with an almost innate understanding of electricity, radiation, and circuitry. During this time, Ralek's talent was noticed by a group of Asari loyalists including Genea Tasati.

Ralek was engrossed in his work, developing new systems in his off-time, including his personal deployable turret, which he manufactured modular parts of and assembled on the spot. He created many versions, testing them only in simulations. The asari loyalists, interested in his skills, provided supplies for his inventions. Rocket, MG, and Shock variations were all assembled and discarded. This did not go unnoticed.

Soon, the local administrator caught wind of a crazy Vorcha designing heavy weapons near her generator. However, investigation proved that Ralek had actually made strides in the direction of a modular, lightweight turret, that had a few improvements of previous flash-fabricated weapons. His dedication, skill in engineering, and innovative mind earned him a recommendation to G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. within weeks. At this point, the loyalists asked a favor of Ralek. He ws convinced to join the Insurrection as a deep-cover operative, feeling he owed the asari loyalists a debt that needed to be repaid.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Ralek was assigned to the CSV Muramasa before being transferred to the CSV Aegis. He provided the Insurrection with intel on GUARDIAN's operations, as well as a possible strike zone for an assassination on August Emerson. Takint this opportunity, the Insurrection struck during the events of CSV Aegis: All the Things She Said. Ralek escaped with Genea Tasati, disappearing in the chaos.


For a Vorcha, Ralek is surprisingly calm. Of course, he is still a Vorcha. Bullish and aggressive, Ralek shows visible restraint when angered. Ralek will protect his crewmates at all costs, and will not hesitate to put his life on the line for them. During normal conversation, he provides an outside viewpoint, and is aware that his natural aggression can be problematic, so he does his best to keep a lid on it. He won’t pick a fight, but he won’t back down from one, either.

Ralek is also something of a hypocrite. He dislikes Turians and Krogan on the grounds that they are too emotionally involved and hotheaded, yet falls into both of those traps himself. Ralek is young and bullish; at the end of the day, no matter how fast his species matures, he is still only twelve. He has a fair amount to learn about being social; however, he knows this, and looks to grow.



Ralek's theme was Signs of Betrayal