Sadao Reno was a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative onboard the CSV Avalon.



Uncharacteristic of his peers, Sadao stands taller than most. Towering at 203cm, his stature is imposing. Sadao exercises modestly and keeps a lean yet muscular physique. He sports a militaristic haircut and keeps his beard well groomed. His Native-American/Japanese heritage grants him a tawny complexion.

He is rarely particular about wearing a specific style of clothing, instead he adapts to his environment. When choosing potential attire, Sadao prefers the color white. He was once told, by a respected acquaintance, that doing so “accentuated his eyes.” His eyes cast a blue-green glow due to the cybernetic implants he received at a young age.


Reno uses an M-6 Carnifex in battle along with his trusty omni-tool.



Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Sadao Reno was born to a Native American father of the dwindling Mohawk tribe. His mother was daughter to a wealthy benefactor of a large conglomerate later known as Ariake Technologies. Sadao’s father was harsh and unyielding. Enoli Reno believed that all his sons must carry the warrior’s spirit. The middle child of two brothers and two sisters, Sadao often went unnoticed; He often went so far as to hide from his peers. He maintained average grades throughout school; and neither disappointed or delighted his father to any significant extent. His Mother was a quiet and soft-spoken woman. She possessed a gifted intelligence for all things green. Sadao admired his mother’s talents and applied similar enthusiasm to his studies of biology.

Sadao’s father Enoli, served in the Alliance military and was retired after a short tour of duty in the First Contact war. Due to the nature of the Shanxi defense, Sadao’s father was incapable of continuing his service upon issue of medical discharge. The nature of his medical discharge is still currently unknown, speculations have been made towards physiological trauma, though no evidence has proven this to be true. Despite his discharge, Enoli instilled military discipline and aspirations in many of his children.

Upon graduation of his primary schooling, Sadao decided that he would prefer to pursue a career in the Medical field. This thought gained the ire of his father. His father demanded that he become a soldier like his brothers and sisters. Refusing, Sadao worked hard and saved up the money he needed to apply and attend the school of his choice. His father, held off only by the persistence of Sadao’s mother, grew ever more furious. Sadao managed to complete a large portion of his training with honors and was well praised for his aptitude in Surgical pursuits.

Sadao specialized in inter-species trauma. To further his education, Sadao traveled to the Citadel and several other cultural centers to study alien cultures and physiology. Due to their reclusive nature, Sadao was unable to integrate within a Batarian community. To rectify this, Sadao traveled to the Terminus Systems, under the guise of a pharmaceutical chemicals peddler. During his time there, Sadao was frequently hunted by Batarian slavers. He evaded his pursuers aboard the infamous Omega station, then returned to Citadel Space three months later.

A few months before he was scheduled to begin work at a local hospital Sadao received word that his father and mother were in a terrible accident. The accident left his mother’s brain severely damaged and killed his father. Struck with grief, Sadao refused his position with the hospital to instead tend to his mother. His mother’s mental state was rapidly deteriorating. Rather than her typical sweet and soft-spoken demeanor, she was now prone to violent and vulgar outbursts. On one occasion calling Sadao a coward for not being a warrior like his father. Upon her eventual passing, Sadao decided that he needed to take up a position in a career that reminded him of neither his parents. Sadao requested assistance from his eldest brother who succeeded in securing him a position with Ariake Technologies. In his position, Sadao continued his training in whatever combat proficiencies he could. Calling the training a “Welcome distraction.”

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Sadao was assigned to the CSV Avalon. He was injured during the event CSV Avalon: Bad Medicine, fracturing his scapula and being evacuated back to the vessel for medical care. During the event The Fear Out of Space: Part One Sadao had been sent to the planet Antibaar to confirm rumors of Thresher Maw activity, a possible solution to the genophage cure. After leading Mazoril and the ground team further into the facility, it was revealed that he had struck a deal with Trajan involving the murder of his teammates, which the turian included Sadao himself in their number. Feeling betrayed, Sadao began to run from the threshers but was torn apart as one ripped through the floor.


Sadao resents indecisive actions and prefers to make clear cut decisions rather than placate others. Some have referred to him as mildly sociopathic but effective. Rarely allowing emotional obstacles to hinder him, Sadao promotes the logical. He is however known to make decisions based on the emotional if not political implications of others. Ambitious to a fault, Sadao will not be placed into a position he believes he is overqualified for.

His troubled past can make him hesitant to pursue relationships or platonic or romantic nature. While he is capable of having romantic engagements, he prefers to remain detached from most individuals. His advanced education can lead him to be problematically adamant. Despite his family having troubled relations with alien species, Sadao insists that all species are equals. Though this is merely masks his true feelings. He believes that all species are equals within their own circumstance, and looks on all species with a cold, fascination.