This page describes the basic rules that the staff ask players to follow on the servers of Mass Effect: G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Code of Conduct

  1. No hurtful speech. A general catch-all rule. We are more than okay with jokes, swearing, and comments that are meant to be taken in stride, but using hateful speech to hurt someone else or attack their character is never okay.
  2. Mature, not explicit. We understand that adult content (violence, cursing, blood/gore, romance, etc.) is a great way to roleplay character motivations and development. We are totally fine with a degree of mature content, but keep the really risque stuff in private messages. The age requirement to be on the server is sixteen plus. Let’s all try to be tactful.
  3. Respect the channel roles. If you are in a ship RP room, such as #the-gandiva-two, please only post in-character responses there. Additionally, please do not roleplay in out-of-character channels, such as #general-chat.

Basic Rules

  1. Characters can only be used once an application is filled out, posted, modified if need be, and accepted by an administrator/moderator. Under no circumstances are you allowed to play another character you do not own nor are you allowed to play a character that has not been expressly approved yet.
  2. Character death is possible and more than fine, but only with consent of the player whose character that is and by running it past a moderator. You are not allowed to kill other player characters willy-nilly unless given express permission to do so by the player.
  3. No metagaming. That means no using out-of-character knowledge during the roleplay. It takes everyone out of the experience and is generally not fun to be apart of.
  4. No powergaming. That means no taking harmful actions against someone else’s character without consulting a moderator first or making their character do something without their permission. It is viewed as a pretty big offence on most roleplaying forums, and this one is no exception.
  5. Homebrew items, weapons, armor, factions, etc. are encouraged, but must be approved by an administrator/moderator before being used within roleplay. For a comprehensive guide on all currently in-use homebrew resources, please see the Additions to Lore segment of the Wiki's browse tab.
  6. Punctuation, grammar, and spelling are all important! We all make mishaps when it comes to those and it’s totally understandable, but please try and make sure your sentences are legible.
  7. Spamming, trolling and/or griefing is not allowed and is not acceptable by any means. If a player is found violating this rule, they will be subject to disciplinary measures that may extend to a permanent ban.

Specific Rules

  1. While there technically is no “Low Effort” rule for our roleplaying server, if we see that a roleplay is occurring with one or two word replies, we will warn the participants in the RP. Try and make sure your replies are legible, not too short, and have a point to them.
  2. Only one Roleplay Scene can be active in any text channel. If all text channels are taken up in the location you'd like to RP in, if there is enough demand, we will open another channel. If not, wait your turn and do not, by any means, join another RP without the permission of everyone involved. You can ask for permission to join from other players in the #looking-for-roleplay text channel.
  3. Keep it kind of realistic. Yes, we know that biotics, aliens, and medigel are a thing in this universe, but Mass Effect is not like Star Wars or some other sci-fi settings in the fact that it’s a fairly realistic setting and not too scientifically outlandish.
  4. Stay in character. Nothing is more annoying than reading a post that is dripping with metagaming or out-of-character comments. If you really need to make an out of character comment within a roleplay, use the OOC: tag to show that this isn’t part of your main post.
  5. In regards to faceclaims, our staff is a bit more liberal with that than many roleplaying forums in the fact that we will allow the use of fanart/art you find online. If you find a piece of art where the artist expresses clearly that he/she does not want their work to be used anywhere, then don’t use it, but otherwise we’ll allow it. We do not allow the use of real people or actors/actresses for character faceclaims.

Roleplay Faux Pas

The following list provides examples of behavior that is generally considered poor on roleplaying servers, including Mass Effect: G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N., and may be subject to disciplinary action if engaged in.