Shaylo Naihl was a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative onboard the CSV Aegis.



It's not easy to ignore the eyepatch on Shaylo's right eye. It covers an old and severe scar where her right eye was shot out of her skull, and the bone was fractured and damaged around it. While she has never taken it off around people she doesn't trust (which is almost everyone), if she were to remove the eyepatch it would reveal a very intense scar of a deep red colour. The scar does not sit flush to her face, it is concave.

Around her upper shoulders and lower legs she has brown reptilian like markings in small triangular shapes. When she was younger they were hardly noticeable, but as she has aged they have darkened - much the same as the brown colourings on her face.

Her legs are the source of the majority of her strength. She has various scars over her body from different times in her life, almost all of which aren't related to combat at all.


Shaylo carried with her an M-97 Viper sniper rifle and cluster grenades.



Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Shaylo was born on Kahje, in a dome city that contained roughly 100,000 different Drell. She grew up like most little girls, having lots of chances to thrive and grow as an individual. She was given top-notch education and had grown to respect the Hanar as the saviour of their people. Her father Tokul Naihl, had promised a life of service to a particular Hanar that had taken a liking to their little family. He had learned the Hanar's soul name, and vowed that until the day he died he would do all he could. Shaylo's mother, Atero Naihl, was a stay at home mother. She took care of Shaylo and her two brothers, Filo and Lato, who were identical twins. Once the children were old enough to take care of themselves, Atero joined Tokul and vowed to work for their family Hanar. Her dealings were information related, instead of combat like Tokul. As Filo and Lato grew, they had decided that they would not work for their family Hanar, and wanted to pursue a different life calling.

The twins moved to the Citadel and became too close to various mobsters and gang members. The credits they were earning for performing odd jobs was too tempting for them to resist. They had a nice abode and enough credits to buy whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted it. Filo grew too power hungry, and began dabbling with enemy gangs in secret to earn more credits. Until one day, a gang member from their original group found out about Filo's dealings and realised the potential for sharing their secrets. They broke in and killed... Lato. Who they believed was Filo. The guilt weighed on his soul more than he ever imagined; his brother was killed because of his own misdeeds.

Shaylo received a letter some months later, informing her of Lato's death. A few weeks afterward, Filo returned to Kahje pumped full of illegal drugs and guilt. He wanted to turn his life around, and do good for the world. He pledged his service to the Hanar the next day. It was a few years later that Filo had a relapse on his drug addiction and fell back into a life of crime. Shaylo and her parents haven't heard anything from him since.

It was around this time that Shaylo met the love of her life - Niles. They were inseperable. When they prayed together, they both swore they could feel the Gods approval of their relationship, like it was meant to be. She'd never been so happy in her life when they were together. She pledged her services to the family Hanar and performed many information gathering missions. It was there that she decided she was interested in getting to know people more, and how their brains worked. Once her service was no longer required, she began studying how to become a psychologist. Soon after Shaylo and Niles were married, she fell pregnant with their child. Both over the moon, they decided on the name Loslo. Now, this was the happiest time of her life. Then, the coughing started. The body aches and pains. The weakening of muscles. The difficulty in breathing. Niles had Kepral's Syndrome and there was nothing they could do about it. He managed to live until Loslo was a few years old.

After Niles' death, Shaylo moved back with her parents. Years passed, and she was finally a registered psychologist. Her hard work had finally paid off. One night, she and Loslo were going for a walk through the local park, and came across a very irate looking Drell that she'd seen before. One of her first patients, a very troubled young man. He was twitching, and mumbling. He was having a memory, she was sure of it. Obviously scared for the safety of Loslo, they attempted to flee - before the Drell took out his pistol and fired. Loslo would have died if she hadn't jumped in front of him and in the way of the bullet.

She awoke in a hospital about a month later, her right eye completely missing. Her depth perception was completely off and it took her quite a long time to adapt to only having one eye. The healing process was tough, and the socket became infected quite a few times. Eventually, after another month of being in the hospital recovering, she was allowed to leave. It took her about a year to feel confident enough in herself to go back to work as a psychologist. This continued for some time, until Loslo was a grown Drell. He informed Shaylo that he would be pledging himself to the family Hanar. Simultaniously, she was proud and frightened.

When she had settled back into her home life, she found herself incredibly lonely without the company of her son. She prayed for her husband's soul almost every day, as well as Loslo's. She prayed he would come home safely. She grew complacent and above all else, bored. The days conjoined into one big blob, and she couldn't find herself able to be motivated anymore. So, she pledged again. The family Hanar had decided to send her on a mission to join up with the newest group trying to establish peace in the galaxy, G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. The Hanar wanted information on how the organisation was run and the kind of people it was employing. The Hanar also hoped that it would give Shaylo some more meaning to her life, being able to help those that have been wronged. So she moved to the Citadel to find information about the organisation, and to try and join. It took her a little while to network, but eventually she came into contact with someone inside G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Shaylo was assigned to the CSV Aegis. As part of the diplomatic team during the Summit of the Dampened Spirit (CSV Aegis: All the Things She Said) Shaylo helped talk Councilor Leral Veran down from rescinding his full support for GUARDIAN. She was severely injured during Genea Tasati and Ralek's failed assassination attempt, suffering a concussion, dislocated hip and a shattered radius. Several days later due to complications from the concussion, she passed away from a brain hemmorhage. Corpsman Arlana T'Rone was present for her final moments.


Shaylo Naihl is able to go from 'compassionate friend', fully engaged with you and your issues - to brash and rough, like an old sailor. Notice how compassionate friend is emphasised? That's because she's not your friend, and likely never will be. She tries to become close with those who she knows will allow her to progress in her mission or gain some sort of personal accomplishment or advancement and rarely lets anyone get close enough to her to learn anything personal. Anything she has ever told you is probably a lie, despite how intensely she speaks about the topic. In conversation, she often contributes more when it's one-on-one, but in a group she will remain quiet until she feels something necessary needs to be said.

With her eidetic memory she is able to remember details about others she converses with and use it to her advantage down the line - sometimes even years later. When she is experiencing an eidetic memory she feels exposed and weak, so she often retreats to a private spot to allow the memory to play out to its completion. While she is not a particularly religious Drell, she can be found praying to Arashu (the Godess of Motherhood and Protection) in regards to keeping her only son safe in his Compact missions with their family Hanar. At other moments, she can be found sitting quietly and praying to no specific god, but purely for the soul of her late husband.