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"Creating a better future for a better people." - Insurrectionist Motto
The Taetran Insurrection is a paramilitary force and a hostile faction in Mass Effect: G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N., founded in 2185 and led by Trajan Draculus. It is a stable and somewhat influential group with decent military power. They, along with the Blight Dominion, were responsible for the Coffee Shop Massacre in 2185.



When Councilor Caern was elected into office by the citizens of the galaxy, most traditional turians found themselves outraged at just how much his ideas bordered on the radical. The most notable among the offended was trillionaire Trajan Draculus, having earned his fortune from his family, his work as a businessman, and through the help of the society’s laws when it comes to taxing and such. He was very dissatisfied with all the changes coming, but the day Councilor Caern announced he was planning on curing the Genophage, it became one step too far.

Trajan then began speaking publicly against his Councilor and his policy on the krogan, most notably giving a speech on the colony Taetrus, believing them to be a volatile race that could potentially cause millions of deaths if their population became out of control yet again and lashed out against all known civilisation. In general, he believed the traditions of Council society have not failed the Turian Hierarchy or Salarian Union yet, so why should they have to change things now?

His message resonated with the Hierarchy’s and Salarian Union’s people and he amassed a following of people strongly opposed to the cure and with Caern’s term in office. Dubbing themselves the Taetran Insurrection, they held protests all over the galaxy. It culminated in a mass protest on the Citadel, where they met their direct opposition.

The Blight Dominion, a krogan separatist group created in response to the Insurrection, had also been holding protests on the Citadel and were harassing the members of the Insurrection until it burst out into violence in Apollo’s Cafe, where fifteen innocent people died and twenty three were injured.

Afterwards, the Insurrection began recruiting more and more people into their cause, creating a movement based on the fact that they want a better future for the Galaxy and the Council races, even if some need to be left behind to get to that future. Mercenaries, civilians, politicians, all types of people flocked to their cause. And now with the beginnings of terrifying influence, they have pledged to not let this cure succeed - by any means necessary.



As an independent paramilitary force, the Insurrection is privately-funded and has its own leadership structure.

The ranks of the organisation are as follows;

  • The Trust
  • Commandant
  • Overseer
  • Constable
  • Centurion
  • Operative
  • Recruit

Notable Members


G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. forces currently do not have any intel on the weapons and equipment employed by the Insurrection.


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