Talot Drogas was a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative onboard the CSV Muramasa.



217 years old is still a young age for a Krogan, since some Krogans have lived past 1,000 years old, so Tal's body had almost finished developing. The plates in his head have fused all the way together, and Tal was almost at the average Krogan height of 7'4": he stands at 7'2". The plates on his head are a light red-orange. There is a very small bruise and even smaller crack in the plate from a feisty recruit that head-butted him on Asgard. He has dark blue eyes and often has a contemplative smirk. Talot tends to stand up straight with confidence, and likes to fold his arms in front of him when he thinks. On Talot's left upper arm there is a branded sigil from the tribe on Tuchanka that kidnapped him. The sigil is a semi-circle with a slash through it.


He carries a Storm II shotgun and an M-5 Phalanx heavy pistol.



Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Tal's mother had an extremely frustrating time on Tuchanka. Her husband was extremely abusive and violent, and only kept her around as a trophy. When Tal's mother found out she was fertile, she fled from Tuchanka as soon as possible and went to The Citadel in order to get away from mating rites and being viewed as a trophy even more. She hoped she could raise her child to not be as violent as her husband once was. On The Citadel, she gave birth to Talot Drogas on December 21, 1968. Tal grew up learning about the great strength of the Krogan race and the tribal skirmishes that occurred on his mother's homeworld. Tal does not know who his father is, and his mother never mentions him. Tal and his mother live happily on The Citadel for a little over 10 years. Chundok Nunaku, another former resident of Tuchanka, eventually discovers the mother and son upon the citadel, and he asks Tal's mother if he could help raise Tal. She reluctantly agrees. She is afraid that Chundok might bring the violence within Tal out, but wants a male Krogan to be in Tal's life to help raise him in the areas that she could not understand. Chundok takes Tal on his own personal tours of the Citadel, telling him about what it really means to be a Krogan.

Tal views Chundok as a big brother, and spends a lot of time with him. However, Tal's mother's fears eventually come true: Chundok begins pressing down on Tal's mother, saying that Tal needs to have a more active lifestyle and get in touch with his inner Krogan. He even proposes taking Tal to Tuchanka. Fearing that her only son will be killed upon the barren land of Tuchanka, Tal's mother sternly refuses, and forbids Chundok from seeing her son. Infuriated and convinced that Tal is full of misguided potential, Chundok kidnaps Tal while he and his mother slept, boards his ship, and heads straight for Tuchanka. There Tal was trained with battle-hardened Krogans to participate in almost pointless land-grab battles for Chundok's tribe. Tal did not want to fight for these Krogans, but had no choice. He remained on Tuchanka for almost 200 years, learning how to haul his tribe's gear, use, clean, and repair weapons, and soak up damage for the good of the tribe. Then in 2185, Chundok began sympathizing with the Blight Dominion. Some other Krogans of the tribe became suspicious: they were satisfied to see the Genophage getting cured, and didn't see the need of unnecessary violence. With this doubt, Tal was able to gather enough Krogans to operate a ship and sneak away to The Citadel.

Tal searched for his mother all around the Citadel but she was nowhere to be found. Eventually, Tal heard about G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Tal was inspired by the idea of G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N., and signed up to join immediately to make sure the cure of the genophage was secured. He wanted to protect the Krogans and the Turians from being wronged by anti-cure groups and the Blight Dominion respectively. Tal was accepted into the G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N Recruit First Class on September 20th, 2185 at Asgard Station. Tal made acquaintances with his fellow recruits, notably Rabrakir: a wise Krogan Shaman. On Asgard, Tal was worked to the bone. He was yelled at, even called an autistic flip-flop... But Tal pushed on. He fixed his mistakes, learned from them, constantly improving. He matured throughout his time by Asgard. And by the time he graduated, he was ready for anything that was thrown his way, and was itching for any action that he could get.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Tal was assigned to the CSV Muramasa. During the event CSV Muramasa: Necropolis, Talot was a part of the ground team investigating the disappearance of a Jormangund Technologies recovery team. He assisted in locating the remains of the camp and was killed when a mysterious beast unleashed itself upon the ground team, being pulled into the depths of the ruins and never seen again.


Tal is certainly more sympathetic than most Krogans. In his early life he was raised by a caring mother on The Citadel. Being raised in such a safe environment, Tal's sympathy sounded bizarre to the Krogan on Tuchanka. Tal had to keep his inner qualms and feelings about the skirmishes he fought in hidden so he would not be ridiculed and tormented by the blood-thirsty Krogans around him. Conversations with Tal can be slightly pleasant, and Tal has a strong sense of camaraderie: gladly willing to suffer to protect a fellow comrade. However, although he is a sympathetic Krogan, he is still a Krogan. Although he may be more tolerable in social interactions than an average Krogan, he will still be a little abrasive or even rash at first. But despite his initial attitude, Tal can genuinely sympathize with other species. He's even forgiven the Turians for creating the genophage: even though he sees the genophage as a blind decision made in fear, he understands why it was put in place, and agrees that the Krogans who scared the Turians into creating the genophage were power-hungry savages. Tal has a deep respect for Laius Caern for his efforts in repairing the relationship between the Turians and the Krogans, and also respects him for - of course - initiating the cure for the genophage. Tal has better control of his "blood rage" than most Krogans.

This can be seen by many (especially other Krogans) as a disadvantage, since the "blood rage" allows a Krogan to not feel pain and allows him to stop at nothing, but Tal sees "blood rage" as a savage way of fighting, as it also reduces the Krogan's logic and critical thinking skills. When things get really heated, however, Tal still struggles with controlling his "blood rage", as it is, quite literally, in his blood. Tal is able to follow orders and cooperate easily with his peers, although he has a hard time interacting with strangers in general. He is determined to push aside his slight awkwardness when it comes to interacting with peers and allies.