Taser Ammo is an ammunition modification for small-arms weaponry designed and manufactured by Aegohr Munitions. It was famously used by G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Initiative operatives during the Riots of Cipritine.


While conventional tasers, electro shock melee weapons and disruptor ammunition fill unique niches in less than lethal and lethal options, a more flexible option was envisioned by Aegohr Munitions to provide well rounded performance in standard confrontations. To provide enough substance to impart significant charge, larger ammunition has to be employed. The ammunition is fabricated into spheres, allowing modest aerodynamics and maximum conduction as the projectile compresses and expands outwards on contact.

To optimize electrical potential, ammunition is separated into positron and electron charges, which are alternated in separated chambers to keep them isolated before firing; similar to a conventional battery. Finally, the rounds are fired subsonically, to both minimize charge loss due to friction and allow personnel to fire from undisclosed positions for longer. Taser ammunition can be fabricated via Omni-tool, but takes additional time to manufacture given the the more polished ammunition and assymetrically charged chambers. Licences for Taser ammunition are generally restricted to tactical militaries, as the ammunition has dire consequences for less than audible abductions.