Vetus Eudoril was a G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N. Operative onboard the CSV Avalon.



Vetus was large for a Turian, measuring in at seven feet and one inch. He wore an old, battered C-Sec traffic officer’s coat when it’s raining, but usually prefers to work in his jumpsuit. Never without a hat, Vetus hated having his fringe exposed, claiming it made him feel vulnerable.

His face was weathered, the plates spotted and battered, but not unhealthy. While Vetus’ age was beginning to show, he was still healthy and competent, and his mind was as sharp as ever, as shown in the way his clothes were always immaculate.


Vetus used his M-77 Paladin in combat.


His jumpsuit was simple. It is actually two separate parts that attach. The first was the undersuit, a deep red, flat-colored thing. Over that was a pale red sportcoat that has seen better days, patterned with white. Vetus’ hat was a hood by human standards, and it covered a bit of his forehead. It was the same color as the undersuit.


Before G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Vetus was born on Palaven, and from the time he was twelve, he knew he wanted to be a detective. It started with the tales he heard of the Citadel with its crimes and drama, and the wondrous escapades of C-Sec detectives and their ever-escaping foes. Vetus began studying investigative procedures online, trying to find out the best ways to solve crimes. In reality, that was not much help, but it was fun, and he was a boy. When it came time to be drafted, Vetus became an intelligence analyst, thinking that was the closest he would get to detective work with the Turian military. For roughly a decade, that was his job. Even if it was not exactly what Vetus wanted, he was a good Turian, and stuck with it.

Then the Relay 314 Incident rolled around. He was one of the analysts who looked at the aftermath more than the actual war. Vetus’ division eventually came to conclude that the Turian military had attacked a race who really did not know better, and that they were potentially reprehensible. The government swept that under the rug, and Vetus’ division was deconstructed, the analysts all sent to different teams.

Vetus lost faith in his government the day he received the notification of his transfer to the Asari division of intelligence. After the incident, his career with the military stalled. He did not ever receive another promotion during his time with them, and after he turned 30, Vetus left. Palaven made him uncomfortable for the few years he spent there after his time in the military, so he headed out to the Citadel. Visiting the Citadel was quotidian for soldiers like Vetus, but the prospect of getting a job with C-Sec made the experience fresh. His time in the military served him well, and C-Sec gladly accepted him into their ranks. Vetus worked with them until late 2180, for roughly fifteen years. He married a girl from traffic, and they lived together happily.

For the first few months, he was a part of the traffic police. He had expected as much, and felt no irritation. Vetus was promoted, eventually, to the Minor Crimes division. His talents were noticed, and a few years later he found himself in Major Crimes, where he solved a few major cases. Vetus’ superiors decided he would be better used in Homicide, and soon he was transferred once again. In his time with Homicide, Vetus grew bitter. In particular, three cases within a year were what drove him over the edge. The first two times were organized mob killings, happening just a few months apart. The crime scenes were scrubbed entirely clean. No leads, not even a hint to a motive. Probably related, the MO was almost identical. Vetus was frustrated with his inability to do better, and the fury built up.

The third was the one Vetus really got angry with. It was the murder of a man; his wife had lost it after he lost his job, seemingly a culmination of built-up anger and hate from abuse. The problem was not in the case; it was politics. Someone high up shut the case down, shut down his progress when the case was airtight. The sheer amount of scum and backroom politics lit a fire in his heart.

In a fit of rage, Vetus left the Citadel. He left his wife behind, he quit his old job, he sold his aircar, and took the next ticket to Illium. Once he got there, he spent a week in a hotel realizing what he had done, and then got to work. He got his Private Investigator’s License, and tried to get to work.Pretty quickly he found that his savings would not go far in a hotel, and he rented a cheap flat in the slums of Illium. Vetus worked any case he could get, from investigating cheating spouses to finding lost items. His patience for that work ran dry very quickly, but he had backed himself into a corner. His wife divorced him when he refused to return to the Citadel, and Vetus did not dispute the claim. He had no children, so there was no concern about alimony on his end.

However, once again his skills proved themselves useful. After another year of misery, his cases started being bigger and more valuable. Eventually, Illium’s police began consulting him for local crimes, then more and more frequently for cases they just could not solve. Vetus was no magic bullet, and many of those went unsolved yet, but the few he could help with made him feel a bit better.

When GUARDIAN made itself available for joining by the public, he signed up fairly quickly, seeing a better place to be useful. Illium had been a panicked, enraged move; Vetus did not really like the world. The new organization still had a chance to prove itself, and it had been years since the Citadel; he was willing to give it a shot. Vetus spent a significant amount of money buying a pistol and a kinetic barrier, and the next day his application was sent by mail.

With G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N.

Vetus was assigned to the CSV Avalon. During the event CSV Avalon: Bad Medicine, a krogan scouting party encountered the Avalon team at the Shroud Facility on Tuchanka. Vetus and his group, Callsign: Lift, dropped from a higher level on the tower in a shuttle to flank the enemy. Vetus killed a krogan who had boarded the shuttle, then ran after the leader of the scouting party, Urdnot Woam. As Vetus neared Woam, the krogan jumped out from behind a rock outcropping, unloading a thermal clip into the turian, killing him.


Vetus was an angry man. Impulsive and rash, he was still good at heart. However, his anger caused him to do and say things that he did not really mean, and the repercussions had affected him multiple times. He had still not learned to get better about it.

Vetus was a fairly lax person overall. Preferring to do what is comfortable over what is safe or, perhaps, intelligent, he was often described as lazy. This is reflected in his approach to conversations, which centered around listening more than speaking. On some level, this was also an attempt to gather information and file it away, but usually Vetus was just there for the company. When he was on a case, though, everything changed. Vetus became serious and focused, letting the mission take priority over his feelings, and drove hard until he reached the conclusion, be it good or bad.